Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DrUnK ? ..... And Fall!

Um  no... walking! Yep Heather is officially a lil walker! She isn't perfect yet and can walk about 10 steps! She looks like a lil drunk penguin! (these aren't the best pictures but they work)
*While we were in Utah, my mom Heather and I took a day and went to Gardener Village.  Ok I felt like fall had finally began! (yes I realize this is old- Im still playing catch up) They have the Place decorated so cute with fall and halloween decor, it really got you in the spirit! Lets just say I went a lil crazy with taking pictures- I will only post a few (yes this is a few compare to what I took) of my favorites because this will be a long post too!
Pointing at the kids
One of her new face's- I sense some attitude
My fav spot
Pretty huh!
Another Heather face

Heather wasn't to sure of this witch

*While at thanksgiving point I saw some cute halloween decorating ideas like this:
They wanted like $35-40 for this

I made my own for less that $10
Here are a few of my Halloween decorations:
sorry the picture is a lil dark!

Our Porch
*There is a town not to far from here called Eagle and we went for a drive one day to look at leaves and dream about homes-we are big dreamers! They were big pretty home with lots of character on like 2-3 acre lots -exactly what Jas and would love to have one day.  Here are some pictures we took!
I love victorian homes
This on is my Favorite-what my dream house would be, White house-black shutters and red door! and big porch!
I love this porch too
This is what Jas and i imagine our drive way will look like- trees towering on both sides- almost like a tent~ arent the colors amazing
I love how this house decorated with the grave yard!~ I love Halloween decorations outside!
another victorian- I loved the flaming red tree out front
This was decor on the side of someone's house I thought it was cute!

*They have this farm called Linder's Farms In Meridian (town next to us) that is a pumpkin patch/corn maze ect... we went a couple days ago and had a blast:(thats were the walking pictures were from)
They had a lil straw bale maze for lil kids- Heather loved walking in it, but got distracted by the cool straw- I had to keep her going
so excited about the stray

She found a pumpkin to play with
They had a wagon ride
and a petting zoo

We also got some hamburgers and mini donuts!

*We also went to town to this old street called Harrison Blvd., with some friends. It was so much fun- not only were the old BIG house gorgeous but the leaves were so pretty and the house's were decorated for halloween. Here are some of my favorites:
If I dont have a red door We want a wood door like this- I love the red wreath.
Everyone walking
Another fav door 

We also had the kids play in the leaves

Ok I know this is gross but I had to post it
I thought this was funny

I like this house and the decor
Pretty house- the decor was gruesomely scary too- but you cant see it to well.
Jason counted like 70 something pumpkins that had been carved- it was really neat.
Isn't this beautiful! 

Ok  there is our fall fun Ill post Halloween in a few days then do some more catching up- so it'll be out of order- sorry!


The Tait Family said...

WOW...love the homes thats what i want too. where were those houses? and love your decor. the poka-dot pumpkin was cute.

I love babies first milestones!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THOSE HOUSES!! I also want to have a big house with a nice, long porch with a huge yard! And with French doors somewhere inside.

I love fall, it's my favorite season!! Beautiful pictures!! :)

Scarlett said...

Such pretty pics! I didn't know you lived in Idaho! I have 2 really good friends that live there. What city do you live in?

Lisa said...

How fun! I took Lily to Gardener Villiage too. She loved it! We'll have to go together next year! I loved all the pictures. Miss you!

Brian and Carly said...

Walking! Ya! Love your Halloween decs.