Friday, May 29, 2009

Anniversary, IDOL, Memorial Day and more....

Ok first of all we have had a lot of confusion on what is going on with Jason's school! I haven't been clear I am sorry. So we are NOT moving to LV to go to Toro, we ARE going to pocatello to go to ISU. School at ISU starts in August so we will be moving the end of July. 
May 20th was Jason's and i five year anniversary. Crazy to think it has been that long. Here we are 5 years one and half babies and 5 moves 3 cities and almost done with school latter and we have made it! Thanks Jason for an amazing five years. I love you.
To celebrate we went to one of my favorite restaurants Macaroni Grill.
Ok so Its Idol time. As much as I loved Adam I was proud of Chris for winning- i think he deserved it and we all know Adam will get a contract anyhow! But wasn't that finally great!!! Heather loved it to- No seriously as soon as they started singing Heather ran and got her lil microphone and tried to sing and dance the whole time! 
She dance and sang so hard she was exhausted... This is how she decided to lay on the couch.
Now Memorial Day.... Heather decided to make breakfast for us
Latter we went to the park with our friends.
Heather wanting to play ball- of corse
Our friends kids Enjoying watermelon

Boys BBQ-ing

Heather has a lot of boyfriends Already and likes to hold hands with them all- should I be worried?
Heather will always find a Dog

The water was so pretty

We had a water fight....
Heather found a better way to use her gun.
Then we capped it off with Smores. Yummy!
Now you want one huh!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Sorry I know I have been home a week and am behind but I have had a lot going on with my family I apologize. Ok so If you haven't been able to tell i am picture happy- When placed in a fun or cute or exciting situation I just snap snap snap away.... In other words there is a ton of pictures! Also note I am pregnant and bloated not fat- thanks!!!!
On the way down to LV we stopped the night in Ut and picked up Our sister in law Jen and nephew Jaxon.  On the way Jaxon kept Heather pretty entertained but after being 4 hours past Heather nap she got cranky and just wanted me to hold her hand- Ahh moment huh! Not really When my arm started to fall asleep hurt! So I said Heahter I can hold your hand anymore and she of corse threw a fit and cute lil Jaxon says- "I'll hold your hand Heather" Ten min latter this is what I looked back to see....
He wasn't to happy cuz he couldn't get his hand away after she was out!!!!
Once we got there we met up with Jeremy (Jason's Bro) and Jason's Mom, and walked around the strip.
View of the strip behind us.

We went to the MGM to look at the tigers and Rainforest Cafe.
Heather loved the fish
And the elephant until it moved.
Then we went to the M&M Factory Heather was a lil nervous a a giant ball with a face!
Jen and Jermey Were luckier than we they got to 'Live in the Castle' as Jaxon said...
We got to stay in the hopefully nor infested- Econo Lodge- Hey it had continental breakfast ( if you count bagels with out cream cheese and coffee a breakfast-not me)
Next we went to the Bilagio to look at the gardens and fountains ( If you ever go LV thats my favorite place to go)
Heather was a lil nervous of the boom from the fountains
So daddy had to hold her
The Lot of us

Jen and I went shopping the first half the day then we headed to the pool- we were so excited Heather loved the pool last summer, plus she had two cute swim suits that Mom was excited for here to try on.
To bad Heather wasn't as excited this is how she spent the time...
Watching! At least she had a cute ruffle BUM!!!!
We spent the day at the pool! Heather at least sat on the steps but I didnt have my Camera.
She was pooped so Jason and  'H' went back for a nap.
After the nap Jason, Marilynn, Jaxon , Heather and I went to play at the Arcade while Jen and Jeremy went to a school thing. we got Lucky because the game we tried to play got stuck so the girl fixed it for us and it gave a like 20 extra games which means twenty times the tickets for one 25 cents.  Then Mom got lucky and hit the flashing truck in its truck bed and instead of giving us 150 tickets it gave us 375! Seriously we ended up with 500 tickets on like $3. So Heather got a doggy and Jaxon a giant Pencil- After they were Hyper.
Jeremy had his graduation from UNLV. 
Congrats Jer!
Then we went swiming at the Golden Nugget which had a cool pool. It had a fish tank in the middle of it and FINALLY Heather wanted to swim and play- I wish I had my Camera.Heres some we got online. Very cool, it had a slide that goes through it too! 

At night  
Yeah it had sharks too! Heather was in heaven watching them.
Latter we went to a Italian Festival, It was pretty fun I found some cute glasses! Heather all of a sudden was going crazy and we couldn't calm her down until grandma was walking away and she cried for her so she took her and she was fine she even sat with her and ate.
It was chips and she was a puppy....
Or cheese cake... good dinner huh chips and cheesecake- I think we sneaked some pizza in there!

Mothers day we spent the first half the day with Marilynn, we took her to olive garden for lunch. Very nice and relax-full.

Latter on our GOOD friends the ASTONS came two hours from Havasu to see us! Man it had been too too long we missed them so much. Then they took us to dinner with out our knowledge- thanks guys! We Owe you... DAN you sneaky man (hey good rhyme huh!)!!!!
The Astons were staying at the Stratosphere- very cool!
We went to the pool again(hey it was hot) It was a blast.
Heather wasn't scared anymore!!!!
Jes and Cute Eli
Emma and Heather- cute huh- fast friends
When we were packing up to go Emma decided to get back in and it was Jason with his sexy shirt to the rescue!
Heather giving Eli Zerberts (raspberries)

After the kids had fun in the bath
Then we went to the top of the stratosphere High huh- Try over 800 feet high!
I was so scared we'd fall backwards
Heather wasn't!
If that wasn't scary enough we went to the very top- and it was so windy Outside (strip behind us)
Even crazier were the people who went on the rides up there! Heather loved watching them
The worst ride- look it up, yeah its going over the side its freeky!
Then we went to a park
So fun!!!
Thanks Astons for a fun day- we love you!
I told you this was long!!!!