Friday, January 30, 2009

Please save handmade!

Please save hand made!!!!!
 If you do not know what I am talking about, please get informed on this new act that is taking effect Feb 10,2009 This will effect us all and put many of your favorite crafters  and second hand children's stores out of business. I urge you to take a moment to find out what you can do and how it will effect you. A good place to start :
Please Help- I have just started my shop online only to find out a few days latter it will have to close soon! This makes me sad! My family needs this income- so Please help!!!! Plus if you love your second hand children's store like kid to kid or other mothers ect... Help them as well..... They could shut down as well!
Thanks you so much!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am proud to announce my new shop on ETSY! 
It is still a work in progress but I am excited for you all to go and take a look at it! 
Thank you to those have supported and helped me in this adventure!
Please check it out and tell me what you think! I will be adding a banner at the top shortly- its being made! I am also adding bows daily to it! 
Go to

New valentines bows!!!! $3.50 each

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another tide u over post!

I am still waiting for some pictures to post for the rest of our trip to UT! So for now here are a few more of Heather trying to eat with our spoons!
What the Bedazzle is she doing?
Who knows!
But she's having fun!

This is Heather in the bath- She loves her bath's and dose some silly things in them!
This is her looking for Daddy- she's saying it do!
She likes to give the Baby in the faucet a kiss...
A lot!!!!
What a QT
And my favorite-when she plays peek-a boo with the curtain!
She's been trying to climb out of the tub too! I dont have a picture of that because I havent had a camera! Oh yeah we found out it will cost us $130 to fix it- we could get a new one for that! Man!!!!!!!
Until next time.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Day!!!!

First off heres a picture of Heather the sunday before christmas in her Christmas dress!
This one is one of my favorite pictures of Heather! What a pretty girl!

So we drove Christmas Eve night starting about 7:00 we left and finally arrived at like 2:00 in the morning! There was a horrible storm- good thing our car has 4 wheel drive we wouldn't of made it! Im still surprised we did! Christmas morning we went to Jason's brother's complex clubhouse where we had Christmas with his family.
Heather opening her stocking

Opening her present from Her cousin Addy- she got pretend food!
Playing with Jaxon and Addy- her cousins
More fun!
Im still waiting for my mom to send me pictures from Christmas that evening! Ill post them soon!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

December Part two

I still don't have christmas  pictures  I didnt have my camera on christmas morning but heres a few I got from the card in my broken camera! Some before christmas some after christmas. And still more to come- AS ALWAYS!!!!
We went to our ward christmas party and Heather sat on Santa's lap and wasn't feelin' it!

Heather loving on her friend Kaylynn. 
Kissin' on her friend Oakley.
Having fun with mommy. 
Yes her shirt is wet-Tried to get Daddy's water!

One day I was sick and couldn't catch Heather to put her clothes on then I found her with her princess crown on- I think she went around the house like this for about an hour before I had enough energy to track the princess down!

Also I have a new slideshow on my bow blog Please go and check it out- let me know if you are interested!

Hopefully I will have the rest of Dec Pictures soon! 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Im starting to wonder

(So I decided to do this post Ive been wanting to do- but Ive been playing catch up- Since I had the picture already I thought its a good in between short and sweet tide you over post)

Im Starting to wonder if I am the only mom who has to take her kids clothes off to eat because she is so messy? 
Is it Ive allowed her to be messy by taking her clothes off ... so its all my fault? 
I started to notice all the other kids Heather's age can wear their clothes and use a bib- Heather hated- (and still dose) Bibs! Even at 4 months when we started rice- she would pull it off and we thought what's the point if she grabbing at it and messin up her shirt- then I thought I don't want to do more laundry than I all-ready do so we took the shirt off... and so on- now this is what we get.......
A very messy eater! 
I had said- good between the gross eating, farting, burping and ear pulling we'll never have to worry about her dating- then Someone pointed out- "no that just the kind of guys she'll attract! 
Heaven Help us!
Here's some more messy Heather Shots!
Sometimes she dose this and I don't know why? Is it time to use a spoon?
At least orange makes her eyes pop!
Heres her trying a spoon (half ends up on her tummy).....
.....and giving up!

The birthday cake she demolished 
Well  I hope you enjoyed this- I still am waiting on my camera!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

December where did you go??

So I was almost caught up then life happened AGAIN!  December seemed to go by way to fast- Now its 2009! Its a lil se-real to me! I will quickly update you on our December! Again it will have to be in two parts- mostly because my lil soon to be sister in law thru my camera and it broke over the holidays( she's heather's age).
Heather has become quit the lil sneak! We put our Christmas up right after thanksgiving and Heather had a fun time helping out- 

We even let her put HER ornament on the tree. She was so proud of her self she even clapped. 

Well since it was her ornament she felt she could take it off the tree when ever she wanted.... I would say "no no no" and shake my finger at the tree- then she thought it was a game and would copy me saying no no no and shaking her finger- and it worked ....... for about 2 and half weeks. Then she would grab the ornament and run into her room!  Or Shake her finger into the tree while saying "NO NO NO".
I also had a few of my toys from when I was little like me Dinka Linka  Santa and my lil manger scene. Problem be things seemed to start to go missing this month. For about a week we couldn't find baby jesus and we found him in the bottom of her toy basket. That wasn't so bad but it got worse- We found dice in my purse, movies in the garbage can along with Joseph and the angel. (we put the garbage under the sink now) And My credit card was missing for like 3 weeks and we found it in her dirty hamper and lots more! This lil girl has a thing with hiding things in side other things!
 Some times she just sits in front of it and looks up almost in a daze- its cute! My favorite was when I turned music on and she was still in her daze looking up at the tree but almost like second nature she started dancing to the music!
Yes I know My child is always cloth-less! 

Jason sent in his papers to ISU so keep us in your prayers that he'll get in. Jason was working for UPS for the Month- which was great while it lasted!
Jason saying good bye to go to work.
Heather has definitely been learning a lot! She is into that monkey see monkey do Phase hense this picture of her trying to work the tv with he remote- once it worked too- she somehow got her baby Einstein to start- don't ask me how she did it!
Well December was a hard time for our family when it came to being sick! We'd catch something have it for a week be better for one or if we were lucky two days then come down with something else! I was even sick for my birthday- so theres no pictures -no dinner! But Id like to personally thank all my good friends and family for all the calls and concern! We have only lived in Boise 6 months and We already have some really good friends! Thanks guys! 
I will post the second half the month once I get things figured out with my camera!