Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heather's not so 18 month pictures!

Heather is 21 months and I am finally getting these to you! We actually didn't take them until she was 19 months too!  My friend (LINDY- Link is to the LEFT) in my ward took them and they are so freek'in cute I cant stand it. But here are a BUNCH of my favorites:


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Bump and bargains!

Ok So I am 18 weeks and I feel I look like I am just getting fatter, but it made me feel good when a girl at a yard sale last week said "hey there is maternity clothes over there" -pretty ballsy too! What if I was just Fat? 
So I still have been really sick- which sucks but I have been feeling her a lot! which scares me that this lil one is going to be as crazy as Heather!
Speaking of yard sales I got the best bargains last weekend I just had to brag!!!! I got like $700-900 of clothes for Heather for like $15- yep no joke- I tell ya ~second hand is the way to go!!!!
I got a mini vacuum, a wood highchair for Heather's doll, a horse on a stick that makes noise, a shopping cart with all the food, a whole bag of dishes, five lil pony's and a toddler bed all or $11.00! Yep I said a toddler bed- I got a metal WHITE toddler bed for ... drum roll please.. $1.00!!! 
Looks like I may have made you want to go yard sale-ing this weekend huh!
Heather had a blast playing with it!!

So we are so excited we found out some good friends of ours are moving to Pocatello the same time as us! He got a job there! We have become really close to them and Heather loves their girls!!!
Last thing I took these pictures of Jason and Heather at the park flying Heather new kite! I think Jason had as much fun as heather!

What a good Daddy- I sat there feeling  so lucky!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dakota and Washington!

We went to Washington to see Jason's family and watch his brother graduate. 
Before we went there Dakota came here- My friends Kassandras's Lil girl Dakota that is.  Kass good friends from Utah , she came to help her mom and we got to see them for a few hours. I love having friends with kids around Heather age. Dakota and heather played well together sharing toys and kisses.
Kass took the first two picture's-she's really good check out her blog:

 All of us

Ok then we went up to WA. Heather Loved Her grandparents house! There was so much to do, chase cats... feed horses....
 and play on the play yard....
Play the piano. And she has cousins her age to do it all with. And thats just the first day!
Friday evening Jason's brother Jake graduated.. Heather was entertained by her grandpa.
Congrats Jake!!!!
Saturday we got ready for a party and the kids had so much fun...
Heather loved her cousin Taylor's new toys.
Sunday after church we played out side again...
Of corse we have to fee the horses
The horsey got her finger

and climb the fence

And dont forget the balls!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coolest park!

There is this sweet awesome Park near us that has a water area, a Gi- normous Play area,big musical instruments a fishing pond and more!  You could spend 3 days there and still not get bored!
We took Heather before Jason started summer classes and she had a blast!
I took our camera and of corse I went crazy with pictures- you know me- but the battery ran out.  So I only got a few of her on the play area! Here are some....

She saw a big truck go by and she making the motor sound!
The day before Heather and I had a nail polish party and painted our nails- it was Heather's first time- she was scared it would hurt but when I told her it wasn't "OW" it was "pretty" she let me.
She could hand there all by her self- what a strong lil girl.