Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random tidbits!!

Lets just say she went to town on the thing
And wasn't to happy when I took it away... I know mean Mommy huh!

Some friend of ours have a lil girl exactly one week older than Halli.... We had them over for dinner, and the girls loved each other.
Halli is like twice the thickness of her!
My first Coupon run was good- not great but I was proud of myself.... I got like half off my purchase... Not to bad for a Coupon Virgin!!!!
This was $58 before coupons and $29 after! I did get a few items for FREE and For Cents!!!
I have since gone on a second trip to Walgreens and did good... Got Like a 3rd off my total purchase if you include the RR's.

For FHE this week we made Rice Crispy Treats
The girls had a blast with them- even Halli tried to take them from Heathers hand. (And Yes I know My kids are on my counter a lot!!!)

Last but not Least For our Anniversary we to a Place called Bear World... We had a blast!

You get to Drive around and the Bears come right up to your car
They also have a petting zoo
Heather was a lil nervous

They had Lil rides too~ JHeather had never been on a ride before (deprived I know) So she wasnt sure of it... Plus it started to snow on us.
But It ended good- We got some Fudge and a lil Stuff Bear for each girl.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Freebie!!!! (the shoe that won)

Hey all I just thought you would all like a Free Neti Pot. Go here. Also If you live in sandy you can go here to get free bowling for your kids. I love site, its where I find some great freebies and deals!!!
Ps Thanks to those who helped me figure out what shoes I should get for my Mother's day gift from Jason. I got them this week and wore them to church~ Luv them!!! They are surprisingly very comfy!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Six Years!!!!!

Jason and I have been married for 6 awesome years! 2 kids, 3 states, 6 years of school, 6 moves latter we are still madley in love with each other! 
Thanks Sweetie for being a super sweet awesome husband! I love you!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Halli is 6 months old !!!!

Man she is growing to fast!! I cant believe how times seems to fly.
Half a year- seems crazy to think of it that way!!!
My mom gave her this cute lil outfit for Easter- I love polka dots!!!
Its still a lil big...
Boo- yah
She has defiantly developed a lil personality!  She's not as crazy as Heather but sure is a lot of fun.
Poor thing has had a few earaches, some bad ones too. My Doctor couldnt believe she wasnt screaming with pain... not my lil Halli.... she is so laid back... at least when she wants to be.
(the earache medicine wasn't her favorite)
But loves to eat... we started her on some veggies ... she cant get enough of them...
she is our lil nudist...
Gota love the messy toast!!!
She takes a lot of mauling from from her big sister... She loves every minute of it.
Is easily entertained! Love the eyes huh!

Once again heather uses her has her personal doll...
I love this girl!!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Luvin'

Well not quite yet! But a few weeks ago the sun was up it was 80 degrees so a friend and I had a water day for our kidos. Then all we have had since has been yucky weather! But today... oh today is a nother beautiful day! I actually got my flower pots planted, got some things spray painted for some projects I am working on.  I got to go for a walk with my girls in our new double stroller (which is so freekin awesome!)..... So I am getting the summer itch!!!! Its nice to have a few nice days! Specially when I have been couped up in my house with a new baby and a crazy 2 yr old!
Here's a sneak peak at my projects.....
I spray painted them those colors!
Also a few pictures from a few weeks ago....

 my flower pots ad veggie wagon (which I picked up on the side of the road- FREEEEEE!!!!)

*** Also***
so you know the blog giveaways I post on here are sweet... Here is oe of two things I have won already:
The toddler legs- aret they cute .... Here's a  giveaway going on right now!
And another giveaway!!!!

Lastly here is a car we saw in the trailer park by our house... Thought it was funny!

 (it says 'Mom's Taxi')
I am still laughing!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do they look like me? (part two)

 (See post below~ But I wanted to see what you though- do my girls look somewhat like me?)
 I am in the middle (with my cousins)
 Heather with her cousins (on Jas side)
(on my side)
I'll tell you one thing my girls have my fine whispy hair... PFFF
I really wish I could do more than pigtails with heather hair!!! Sigh