Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coulson clones? and more.....

Ok So I was going thru old pictures of Heather and found this one that looks a lot like ......
this one I took a few days ago of Halli. They look so much alike...Crazy huh! Even same outfit.
This is a cute picture I thought was cute of Jason and Heather enjoying our new computer.
Halli already trying to pray.
Grandma gave Heather some stickers while she was here and Heather had a blast sticking them on herself, her dad and...
her doll.
some more cute pictures of the past week
Super Heather

Last sunday my Dad and sister came to meet Halli.
Heather was so happy to see her Grandpa

she has the ear!!!

My girls have defiantly bonded.... Heather just wants to Maul Halli.. and Halli will just watch Heather- she moves her head where ever Heather is.
Dancing to "I know you..."

Heather is even willing to share.
This is one of my favorites pictures

Saturday, November 21, 2009

90% Angel 10% Devil

Ok I know its a few weeks late but I have a good excuse! But Here is Halloween:
Jason was a devil and I was a Angel (yes a pregnant angel) and our lil Heather was a and angel with a devilish side (back side).

She loved having the makeup put on!

We went to the mall with friends to trick or treat but it was pretty lame....

SO we decided to hit the streets, and I think we got as much candy in 10 minutes going house to house as we did the hour at the mall- what a waste! We were sad our ward didn't do a trunk or treat. Whats even sadder is less and less people are handing out candy.

Afterwards we went to a friends party and that was fun- it was just hard for me because they had a lot of great treats I couldn't eat!

My good friend Kass came up to take some pictures of Halli- Here is a sample.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halli Jeane

Halli Jeane Coulson
6 lbs 14 oz 19 in
Halli was born Tuesday the 11th at 9:51 am. After, drum roll please, only about 13 hours of Labor (Heather was 36 hours of Labor). In fact I had started to Labor on my own at 8:00pm. At 9:00 they gave me Pit to get it going faster! All I can say is next time I am getting my Epidural sooner, and not try to be so tough:) As soon as I got it I progressed a lot faster- plus I think the Epidural hurt way less than the two nurses- yes two- that poked my arm 4 times wiggling the needle around in my arms, and rupturing my veins ( I have big bruises to prove it) to get an IV in my arm!
All in all it went really well! I barley tore, she came out in only two pushes and was definately a small Baby considering I had gestational Diabetes! Which by the way both our blood sugars were good afterwards! And Halli has shone no signs of infection from the Step B. We did have to stay at the Hospitol for 48 hours. Which wasn't bad except that I missed my lil Heather so much- they didn't allow anyone under the age of 18 in the Hospitol. So Needless to say I didn't get to see Heather for a couple of days, the longest I had been away from Heather had been 7-8 hours!
Our lil family an hour before I was admitted to the Hospital!
39 weeks 2 days
One Day old
Halli Is a very sweet baby! She loves to be touched and Held! When I was getting my ultrasounds every week, Halli always, I mean every time, she had her hands up by her face and is still this way! Halli is Nursing really good! Which is Awesome since it took Heather weeks to nurse as good as Halli is now!
With her Daddy
Her tiny lil toes
Lil Hand

When Halli was born we couldn't believe how much she looked like heather! We might have another case of the Coulson clones!
Halli a few minutes old
Heather a few minutes old
Halli one day old
Heather one day old
Thanks to My mom Who has been taking care of Heather while we were in the Hospital and is staying to help us out after! Your the best We love you!
( Isn't this outfit cute- my good friend Shantel gave it to her- I love the 'Bear' Bum!)
Also thanks to our good friends the Drapers for helping with Heather as well!!

When we got to come home- Heather was so excited to see her 'little sister Halli'. And has been mauling her ever since!

We also brought home a baby for Heather! She loves to change her when we change Halli.

So since my diet is finally over .... we got PIZZA good ol cheep lil Caesars pizza! Even Heather was excited , she was sitting on the counter and got her own piece and started chowing down! She ate two whole pieces- deprived a lil?

We gave Halli her first 'sponge bath'. She did really good!
She even showed some Humor

All the while Jason played on this- our NEW LAPTOP! Yeah finally! so hopefully I will be able to keep up better! I'll also caught up on Haloween ect...
Once again thanks to all of you who have called, wrote, and prayed! It all means a lot to us! Sorry if I haven't called you or called back- its been a lil crazy!