Monday, December 14, 2009

Hall's a month old

I cant believe how fast its gone by. However like I have said before, I feel I have known her for forever. She is an ok sleeper-a great eater (obviously if she gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks). She has found her voice and is smiling a ton.
Sadly Halli wasn't feeling very good when we took these pictures.
I did get one smile

See how chunky she is now
Big smiles

I had to put this photo in- Heather was in time out (she is a lot these days) and put my friends shoes on while she was there.
Our friends came over to make some christmas treats, and the kids were all laying down by Halli. It was so cute so I took a picture.
Happy one month Baby girl

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My lil Piggy

We went to the doctor on Monday and Halli has gained over 2lbs in 2 weeks! YEs she is my lil chunky piggy. She even snorts when she is hungry- no joke!
Heather and Jason made christmas cookies

Heather and Halli trying on some of my pants- at least they fit some one!!!
Heather and Halli got to take a bath at the same time
Look at those chunks!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Halli Prof Pix

My good friend Kassi took some adorable pictures of Our sweet lil Halli. I could not wait until you saw her birth announcement to see some of these.

This is one of my fav pic's- but if you only knew she was tooting on my hand the whole time- luckily nothing but air came out!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving~ 3 weeks old

For Thanksgiving we didnt want to travel very far, so we went to our friends parents house.
The girls loved playing with Halli-look at her arch to see Jada.
Heather in her full Thanksgiving glory.

So Halli is already 3 weeks old! I cant believe how fast its gone. But at the same time I feel I have known her for forever. She has grown so much ... maybe because she eats like a pig. No really when she's hungry she snorts! She holds her head up and rolls half way already. She's full of smiles (gas?). She's been a pretty good sleeper- considering our first child didnt sleep more than 20 min at a time until she was 5 months old.
So heres a few pictures of Halli from the Past couple days:

A hat Grandma Coulson sent Halli
Halli's cord finally came off so we gave her some tummy time- she feel right asleep.
A thinker
Finally we got out of the house
She fell asleep this way- funny huh

She sleeps with her tongue out sometimes
I finally got a smile on camera