Friday, December 30, 2011


Hello My long lost Blog Friends~ it's been a LONG time!!!! So much has gone on the past year with my Lil Family!!!! It has been almost a year since I last Blogged! My goal for 2012 to to be on top of it!!!! So Lets hope I can keep up with that goal!!! I am not sure if I should catch you up on the past 10 months or just Start with this Dec.....  Ok i will See what I can do (This will be VERY long):

Well My Business Has been doing Great!!!!! That's Partially why I haven been in the Blog world! Between that and Jason's School and us Moving Place to Place and the Holidays and all 4 of our Birthdays being the last four months of the year We have been VERY busy!!!
One of my creations from Divas Mama

 Before WE Moved From Idaho Some of My Fav girls Took me for a girls night/ birthday Dinner and Movie!!!! I am going to Miss My Pocky Friends!!!!

We Had award Christmas Party before WE left and The girls got to Meet Santa!!! They Loved it but were a lil nervous... Kinda Reminded me of Despicable me When they Say "I like him. He's nice.But scary.. Kinda like Santa" 

The Girls Definitely made the most of Our Crazy house during Packing time:

Halli's Birthday was in Nov~ We had a fun day....
Had LOTs of arts and Crafts
 Went to Mc donald's for lunch with friends

We to Story Time and had Ice cream at Kiwi Loco

And had Dinner at Cafe Rio~ Yum!!!

While I was busy with My Sale in my Shop the girls Got into LOTS of Trouble!!!
Got Oranges out and fed themselves

Decided to Pull the garbage apart to find a Spoon to Name a few!!!
And so much more!!!

Halli's Zebra Party for her Birthday!!!

 Heather Even got a NEW cute Zebra Dress Courtesy of Gracey Lou Designs HeaDBAND BY ME :)
 Halli's Cute outfit!!!

My Sweet Nephew Ryder Was born 11 Weeks Early .... He is Our Miracle Baby~ and is now 6 month sold and a healthy happy lil boy
He Was just over 3lbs when he came ~ notice How small he is next to my Hand

 I was So Excited When I got to Hold him

 Heather Loved to Come Even though she could only see him thru the Window

 But it Was Well Worth the wait!!!
 We visited him as Often as we could

 When He Came Home My girls Couldnt get enough of him!!!

 Ryder's Blessing Day~ the kids All of Nate's Dogs!!!
 Halli Wouldnt Leave them
 Look at that Strong Healthy boy!!!!

 3 Generations
 Halli Finally got to see the Doggy's up close!!

We Had a Fun Halloween~ Lots of Parties....
One At Grandmas

Halli Was Lil Red Riding hood and Heather Was a Fairy

Had a Neighborhood Party

 We went to a local Pumpkin farm and Corn Maze
I have Enjoyed Watching My Girls Bond and grow closer together

Had Lots of Fun With Friends

The Girls and Jason Making some Bag heads

 We had Some Wonderful Family Pictures taken by Elsha Christensen Photography

Ok I will Try to Do More in the next couple days!!!