Sunday, May 22, 2011

February 2011

 February I got my Coupon on.... and got my stock pile stocked!!!
I got all this for only $6
Originally $125
 Here's some Frugal Fashion for you.... Shoes at Khols for $10, Leggings at Victoria Secret for $1, Skirt at Khols for $5, Shirt yard sale $.50, Black cardigan $1 yard sale (both Charlotte Ruse brand) Necklace made by me!!!
Outfit total $ 17.50
 The kids and Jas enjoyed all the snow we had!!!

 They made a huge snow man the bottom ball was bigger than Heather!!!

 Grandma came to visit and brought some fun balls when she came to visit! 

 Kept them busy for a LONG time
 We have been trying hard to eat Healthy Lately ....
 A Yummy Veggie and chicken Pizza on Hole wheat Flat Pizza Bread

 I got a package and this is what the girls did right away
 Just a Morning with Halli!!! She loves horses!
 This is how Halli falls asleep almost every night on the Family room Floor.

I Made a new Facebook page for my Diva's Mama ~ and it has been doing Really good!!

 The girls had an amazing Valentines day! Grandma Smith sent up a box of fun stuff! Including Rapunzel hair
 and Money!!!

 Spinach Lasagna Roll... SO SO YUMMY~ More eating Light!

 Mushroom Pork Chops and Skinny Twice backed Potato with Garlic Broccoli ~ Also yummy

Thursday, May 19, 2011

January 2011

Heather couldn't wait to get home to play with her friends!!!
With her Friend Alyssa
 Even the lil one's got in on the fun

 What a  cute lil princess
 Painting each other Nails (dont worry it was Pretend)

 One Morning Heather wanted to be like Mommy~ So we put Velcro rollers in her hair!!
She thought it was hilarious!

 I was trying to clean my office, So I put my BIG basket of flowers in the hall. I then went down stairs to make some lunch and came back up stairs to this....
 It took me 3.5 hours to re organize this!!! at least they had fun!!!

Halli Is obsessed with horses~ she will sit on this horse and watch Black Beauty for the whole movie!
 One Sat we decided to go for a family drive...
Isnt this Pretty
 Heather couldnt wait to get out of the car....
 But the girls were so excited to see a moose!!!
Ok so were Jas and I!!!
 We finally made it to Jackson Hole!!!
What a fun Month!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Halli Love her new Tent right away...
 Then they checked out the Lil people Santa left on the couch for them.

 They couldn't wait to play with their new toys!
 Time to open Presents

 Heather Loved her new Rapunzel Dress and doll
So did Daddy

 Grandpa set the girls new Princess table up for them
 Telling Grandma thanks!

 Then it was of to the VanDenburghs for Christmas Brunch!
My Aunt Jana and cousins Holly and Denise
 ME and my GREAT Aunt B
 Heather and her Grandma and Papa
 Hanging out

 The kids playing
 Heather loving on her Papa
 In their Christmas outfits
 Playing with their new Loot!
 Christmas Family portat

 Halli and her cousin Kinley
 Heather and Bre
 Cuz Luv
 Christmas Sunday
Got have a game of Christmas chess

 Grandma and Papa took us to Mc D's before we went home
Having a Straw fight with Grandma

 Then we went to Barns and Noble where Heather told us stories

What a fun Trip!!!