Monday, April 28, 2008

Easter finally!!!!

Ok so I promised Easter pictures so here they are... be warned there is a lot of pictures! I know I am pathetic I take too many... and they are all too cute to choose just a few! I also am aware that some are sideways! I tried turning them for hours at Bernadettes but it wouldn't work! So enjoy!

Checking out her basket.
Loving her gifts from the Easter bunny! 

Our family:)

Finding eggs!

Outside Grandparents house.

Found her ear.

Sitting in a basket- I know Im cruel- but it makes a cute picture!

Grandpa playing too!

In her Easter Dress.


Excited about her new bunny! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sleep deprived I am

(So I know I promised Easter pictures- But apparently my parents have forgotten about me- I took them with there camera and asked them to email them to me- and of corse since they have part-timers they have forgotten all 7 times I have mentioned it to them- maybe its more than part timers!)
Ok so Heather is still waking up crying every night and waking to eat every three hours and waking for attention every 30 min- an hour! needless to say she is 6 months old and we still have to do shifts! I love her so much, but I just want to have some normal or even good sleep! She takes good naps during the days and she eats good- I've tried everything~ I don't know what to do- even our doctors has no more suggestions- just a book I could read- but I have no time to read a whole book on sleeping that probably wont work- but who knows!
Well I thought Id share some cute and funny pictures of Heather's Sleeping Habits! 

How she use to sleep (one month):

How she sleeps now:
Passed out on the boppi

Asleep in the highchair!

Um yeah she fell asleep that way!
Almost out

Asleep with Daddy's shorts (yellow thing)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Im glad Im not Bella Swan!!!!

Ok for those of you reading this who have not read the twilight trilogy and are planning to stop now!.........WHY WHY WHY?.... ug I don't even know what to say other than uuugggg... I hate when books or movies tear your heart between two good men! not fair at all! Ok if you cant tell I just finished eclipse- I know Im a lil late- actually I started the books a while back- but Heather's a lil diva and between that fact and the pure scardy cat I am ( to finish knowing I would go through withdrawals.. am i am and its only been 5 min's) I didn't finish until this morning! And I am going crazy- Please someone help me! I called Jessica but of corse your not home- I think I might try my sister in-law, although Im pretty sure she's a pure Edward lover! AAAAWWWWW... ok Im done thanks for reading!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Heather is 6 months!

My oh my how the time goes by- I swear I was just pregnant and had her- and now shes half a year old! This has been quit a crazy month! So many new thing so fast! Here are some things that happened or that she dose:  

She's a bit adventurous she luvs to be thrown into the pillows- I know weird! but she has no fear!

She's a bit adventurous- she loves to be thrown into the air and all over the place!

Eating new foods- even if she dosen't like them- in-fact her favorite are carrots- water-(yes moms water) crackers and lemons- oh and a bit of moms potatoes!

Bubbling with her mouth- and her voice- she luvs to talk and scream and laugh really hard- its very funny!

Found her feet- likes to eat them too!

Sitting on her own

Over all she has been such a joy to have in the family! a true blessing, and finally she is sleeping in the bassinet with out mom or dad- she still wakes up every hour but nothing a lil binky cant fix!  

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kiss Me Im Irish

Alright so its been a crazy couple weeks so I haven't had a chance to blog- plus I was at my parents and they have dial up and I was not going to attempt working with that! So I will start 2 weeks ago with St Patti's day! I luv holidays! And I luv green! I knew Jas would forget so Heather and I hurried and put green on before dad came home so we could pinch him! Heather licked that! Then Our neighbor came over and decided Heather was his Irish sweetheart and Luve'd all over her! It was really cute! My fav is this Picture!

He kept givin her hugs!

Heather was pooped out and when I left her on the changing table for two minutes I came back to this!