Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DrUnK ? ..... And Fall!

Um  no... walking! Yep Heather is officially a lil walker! She isn't perfect yet and can walk about 10 steps! She looks like a lil drunk penguin! (these aren't the best pictures but they work)
*While we were in Utah, my mom Heather and I took a day and went to Gardener Village.  Ok I felt like fall had finally began! (yes I realize this is old- Im still playing catch up) They have the Place decorated so cute with fall and halloween decor, it really got you in the spirit! Lets just say I went a lil crazy with taking pictures- I will only post a few (yes this is a few compare to what I took) of my favorites because this will be a long post too!
Pointing at the kids
One of her new face's- I sense some attitude
My fav spot
Pretty huh!
Another Heather face

Heather wasn't to sure of this witch

*While at thanksgiving point I saw some cute halloween decorating ideas like this:
They wanted like $35-40 for this

I made my own for less that $10
Here are a few of my Halloween decorations:
sorry the picture is a lil dark!

Our Porch
*There is a town not to far from here called Eagle and we went for a drive one day to look at leaves and dream about homes-we are big dreamers! They were big pretty home with lots of character on like 2-3 acre lots -exactly what Jas and would love to have one day.  Here are some pictures we took!
I love victorian homes
This on is my Favorite-what my dream house would be, White house-black shutters and red door! and big porch!
I love this porch too
This is what Jas and i imagine our drive way will look like- trees towering on both sides- almost like a tent~ arent the colors amazing
I love how this house decorated with the grave yard!~ I love Halloween decorations outside!
another victorian- I loved the flaming red tree out front
This was decor on the side of someone's house I thought it was cute!

*They have this farm called Linder's Farms In Meridian (town next to us) that is a pumpkin patch/corn maze ect... we went a couple days ago and had a blast:(thats were the walking pictures were from)
They had a lil straw bale maze for lil kids- Heather loved walking in it, but got distracted by the cool straw- I had to keep her going
so excited about the stray

She found a pumpkin to play with
They had a wagon ride
and a petting zoo

We also got some hamburgers and mini donuts!

*We also went to town to this old street called Harrison Blvd., with some friends. It was so much fun- not only were the old BIG house gorgeous but the leaves were so pretty and the house's were decorated for halloween. Here are some of my favorites:
If I dont have a red door We want a wood door like this- I love the red wreath.
Everyone walking
Another fav door 

We also had the kids play in the leaves

Ok I know this is gross but I had to post it
I thought this was funny

I like this house and the decor
Pretty house- the decor was gruesomely scary too- but you cant see it to well.
Jason counted like 70 something pumpkins that had been carved- it was really neat.
Isn't this beautiful! 

Ok  there is our fall fun Ill post Halloween in a few days then do some more catching up- so it'll be out of order- sorry!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heather's BIrthday

Happy Late Birthday Heather
So this was her actual birthday! (We were in Utah) We slept in and cuddled then got ready!
My sister Hayley and I took Heather to Thanksgiving Point's petting Zoo. We met our sister in law and her son and my Friends the Wyatt's.  Heather loves Animal's. Specially horses and sheep- so this seemed the right place to take her!
Looking at the sheep

With the horse's
with Aunt Hayley
Watching the ducks and geese

With one of her Boyfriends Jamison

With her cousin Holden

She got to ride a pony

And go on a wagon ride
Looking at the Bunny's

In Jail

Milking a fake cow

Eating some Ice cream

Pictures at the shop there
If we were rich the one to the right is what Heather's room would be designed like

It was so pretty I had to take some pictures of Heather

After we went to her cousin's Bre and Easton's to play! then we went to dinner with My parents at Goodwood! Heather had fun playing around.
Well I hope it was a fun first birthday! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!