Saturday, April 25, 2009

Messy girly

Once again My lil angel got into my makeup...
I walk in to see her and of corse I grab my camera- Ill laugh latter right!
At least she matched her outfit!

So mad cuz mama took it away
Its was warm this week- like almost 90 degrees. Heather cant get enough of it.
Some pictures of heather on our deck, chillin in the heat.

Speaking of warm weather its about when your probably getting your kids spring/summer clothes out and I wanted to remind you all if you don't have that perfect hair accessory to match her cute clothes I can help.
Here's some of heather out fits I made bows to match....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Plus

Ok So I am 10 weeks- due in November! And we will be moving to Henderson the middle of June! Thanks everyone- we are so excited!
So here are some pictures of our easter weekend! (there is a lot sorry I couldn't choose just a few)
Saturday we had a egg hunt with our ward- Heather had blast we had to keep taking eggs out of her basket because you were saposed to take however many eggs you brought! 

Latter that afternoon we died eggs with some friends 
Um yeah it was messy- Heather ended up pouring that blue all down the front of her
Heather's first egg- she drew the picture on it

Then went to the park and Jason hide them- so well in-fact that we couldn't find a few- I feel bad for the dog who eats those rotton eggs!

Heather realized there was candy in some of them and started to take it out.....

Unfortunately they all didn't- she was surprised when she broke this one in half to find this- I wish I got her face it was hilarious. 
Saturday evening we went to our other friends house for dinner and she was excited to show me her lil girls easter dress she found at a second hand children store- and so was I because we got our girls the same dress's! So we decided the next day- Easter- to take pictures of them together! 
If only they liked the idea as much as we did- it was pulling teeth to get them to both be happy for it- this was the best one.

Their Lil boy Braiden wanted a picture with his girlfriend too!
Then Heather got to be apart of her third Easter Egg hunt-Lucky girl

Latter on the Easter Bunny finally came- He left a trail of eggs to the baskets thinking they would be followed- but the lil angel ate them all on her way instead. Finally had to say Ill race you to get Heather to bypass the candy.
Straight for the eggs with candy- since she knew how to open them now
She look a lil guilty huh!
Finally enjoying her other toys

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lots of News!!!!

Ok so its been a while- My bad! I have a lot to catch up on- Maybe the best stuff first! JASON GOT INTO TORO UNIVERSITY!!!!! In henderson NV. We are so excited!
Next- Drum roll please..... I am going to be a MAMA OF TWO- Yes it is true - I think I might be crazy doing this sick as a dog for 9 months again but I swear every day when I spend time in the bathroom my sweet lil Heather comes and gives me love and reminds me why I am doing it! She thinks there's a baby in her tummy too!
Well thats about it for BIG news!!!! but heres a lil catch up of the last couple weeks:
WE had our good friends the Wyatts come to visit us and the boys got to go to a playoff game here in Boise so the next day it was the girls day and we went to all the second  children hand stores and scrap-booked all day- My kind of day. 
A Picture of the kids watching the UPS guy- how fascinating!!!!
I am so excitted for spring anyday its warm enough we leave our balcony door open and spend half the day out there- I love hwn it gets warm and am looking forward to Nv weather although Im scared to be prego in it!
Heather enjoying her lunch on  the deck
Jason went and did another Job with his Dad and since there was no way I can change Heather rotton poopy diapers with throwing up at the same time I decided to go to UT to have the help of my parents!  
I went down with Jason mom since she was going down to see my sister in Laws new baby! 
He was so cute
Heather had so much fun at her grandparents house, and had a blast with her cousins.
Playing the piano was one of her favorites.
Getting Grampa!
sitting on uncle Jared
Heather learned to say cheese
We went to her cousins Bre and Easton's house and she didn't want to leave- they had this really fun playroom.
eating kix
Kissin cousins 
When in Utah I was able to see some of my friends and their kids- but I wasn't very good at taking pictures I did remember at my friend Shantel house because Heather and her lil boy Koen were so cute playing peekaboo....

Then she kept trying to put her finger in her lil girls mouth- should i be scared for my lil one on the way?
Heather lil cousin Holden came over and they had a blast together
Finally Jason came to Ut to get us and Heather was so happy (actually she hasn't let him out of her sight - she's scared to lose him again). They went to go see Jason new lil Nephew.

Ok so thats utah I will post Easter latter since this post is way to long- Sorry!