Friday, October 30, 2009

Quick update!

So I am having what they call random contrations! Which means I could come at any time or it could be weeks! Also if I do not come on my own, my doc will take me on the tenth! ALso I am a lil worried, on top of all the other crap I have going on I have a yeast rash on my tummy and have strep B! Strep B is the leading cause in brand new newborns! And of corse I have it! I seem to get all the things! My one friend even told me she's not sure Im sapose to have kids! But all in all it will be worth it! I do have an amazing Doc so thats good! I am going in a few minutes to the hospitol for a series of test and depending on how Dialated I am~I might have a Halloween baby! I'll let you all know as soon as I can!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

At least im blogging!

Sorry we still dont have a computer. And life has still been a lil crazy but at least Im blogging right! SO I thought I would be able to have a computer and do a big post on Heather birthday but since we dont have one and she's been one for almost a month well I will have to just post a few pictures!

Heres a picture of her at her party in Utah blowing her candles out. It was a fun party the kids played with balloons and played pin the tail on the donkey!

For real birthday Jason and I gave her a Vanity- she loves it, she'll sit at it all the time!Heather started sleeping in her big girl bed and has been doing so good! She is just like her mom and has to be surrounded by all her animals and blankits.

Heather's newest obsession is Sleeping beauty. Not only dose she want to be constantly watching it but she will be singing "I know you.. walk with you" all day long while swinging her bear in circles!

Well I havent passed out yet with all the finger pricking! I am now 36 weeks and this is the week I was admitted when I had Heather- so needless to say I am going crazy to be ready for Halli's arival! My doc say's it can be any day now! ( Then I can eat some chocolate cake!!! ) What sucks is my doctor has orderered me to stay home for fear of the swine flu! Oh well, better to be safe than sorry!
ME at 35 weeks!

Well hopefully we will have a computer before Halli is here so we can post pictures of her arrival!