Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crying it out

So for those who didn't know from my posts on face book we have decide to Let Halli 'cry it out'.  
Its been one of the hardest things I have ever done in parenting with Heather and Halli.
... I know it was worth it then and now too! It is just seriously hard to hear you baby crying for you, and you know the best thing for her is to... let her cry.
I cant believe how many people have had to do this- So many people have told me they have had to do it too!
A Sincere thanks to you all for your support...
As for why we waited till she was 9 months old is countless, so many things like trips and earaches have prevented us from doing it till now. We had to do Heather around nine months as well and she has no recollection of it... so it makes me feel better. Heather loves to go to bed too!
Thanks again everyone!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Long time... No blog

I have been so crazy busy its not funny, well actually some of it has been!!!! 
Where do I began? 
Maybe with an update on my girls!!!
Heather Angel Coulson has gotten some major attitude! 
Trying on grandma's Glass's 
I think she has forgotten who's boss!! She is such a lil sponge too! I have learned a lot about what I say and how I say it by what and how she say's things!

She still has a love for books... So much so she cant put a book down to fall asleep, so she falls asleep reading it.
She is still a lil princess and a girly girl! She loves pony's, polly pocket's, Barbies and anything princess or pink!!! Every time we see a temple she says "Oh look I am going to marry Brakin in that temple".
Ignore the messy room... I think it was clean 5 min before the picture was taken :)

Sweet Halli Jeane... I dont know what I did in life to deserve this sweet happy girl but I am glad I got her!!! ( I am glad I got Heather too)
Halli is 9 months old now (pictures to come). She can say "Ma ma", and "Mom". She can say and wave "hi". She loves to clap and sing with us. She is a great crawler and climber.... she can even climb up the stairs.
Halli at 8 months
She loves to play peek~a~Boo, Chase, wrestle  and anything with her big sister whom she loves so much!!!
Halli is a great lil eater, shell eat almost everything we put in front of her... She is messy like her sister....
Although I believe its partially our fault, we dont feed it to her we let her feed herself.
Case in point:

Jason is doing great... He had the past few weeks off of school. We went to Utah and did some fun things here as a family (pictures to come soon). He has two years left of PT school. He's Learning frisbee golf which is really popular here, loving basketball ect...
 but most of all his time with his family

Me... Well I have been busy with planning The girls upcoming birthdays, crafting, Thrifting, cleaning out our house for our Garage sale we had ~ Made $300! Whoot Whoot! And having fun with my family.
One of my projects I did was make a dress for Heather out of a Women's Shirt I got for 25 cents at a yard sale...

I will have more to come soon~ I hope!!!!