Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ive been pictured taged!

Ok so I am sapose to put 10 of my favorite pictures on my blog- so heres my attempt at my first tag! Here is some of my fave recent pictures! Oh yeah I tag Jess, Bern, Amanda and Emily!

Sweet Heather

Heather likes to eat her collar!

I luv my baby!

She luvs tummy time on the boppi!

My lil princess

Four months old!

Poopy girl!

Sitting asisted with boppi! Man I luv boppis!

First Time eating!

See Heathers not always in pink!
So um yeah they are all of my baby- but hey Im obsessed!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sick for Love day...

And Love month! I swear poor baby Heather has been sick this entire month! No really she has been since like Jan 26th! Its been so sad!( It sounds like it hit allot of people for love day:( ) She is now on her 4th antibiotic! So for Valentines day we stayed home and made a mess of the house for dad! With create paper and fake petals that is! ..... So needless to say we haven't been on our blog lately! Although we have a few fun stories to tell but Ill do that when I get the pictures to go with it and time to do it all- we just wanted to let you all know where alive and kickin!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

December 2007

Sorry these are a lil old but the best family pictures I have of us so far! Thanks Patti!

Monday, February 11, 2008


"I just changed you" has become a very popular saying around our house these days! Yes and usually is followed by "you lil punk" or "oh man again" or "its your turn!" Yes my lil angel is no longer going every other day pooper- she's a proud every dayer now! (When I say proud I mean it! When this phrase comes out she just giggles and gives us a look of triumph! I don't know wether the look is really relief or she is just really proud of her her self for making mama have to change yet again! ) Its very frustrating to of just change a diaper and hear the lil juicy sounds come two seconds latter- and I don't know what's worse: that its always a messy one or that Heather is just to dang cute to get mad at her! WEll Im sure Im not the only one! Right?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Naked Baby!

Ok I found a few pictures of our lil angel! Warning she's nude! Mommy got a lil carried away!


Ok OK OK! We know we lost our pictures of Heather and that! Don't worry- we will have it figured out soon! Then we will have lots of pictures to show off our lil angel! Thank you for the concern!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Obsession!

Alright- you knew this was bound to happen the second I had a lil girl! I've gone crazy over hairs bows and headbands! Yes officially gone crazy-- So crazy that Im making them my self! I have many inspirations for this #1 being my gourgus lil diva angel! #2 my friend jess always made cute bows for her lil girl and i vowed as soon as I had a girl she would never go bowless! (Is that a word? bowless well it is now) #3 I got this really cute headband in Ut and I luved it! (specially how big and unique it was- you cant find that here in WA) but it cost an arm and a leg! I thought I could make this-- So Low and behold my new obsession! Ok now I think I might even temp to sell them my self! I think I might make a new blog dedicated to it- so be on the look out!