Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Obsession!

Alright- you knew this was bound to happen the second I had a lil girl! I've gone crazy over hairs bows and headbands! Yes officially gone crazy-- So crazy that Im making them my self! I have many inspirations for this #1 being my gourgus lil diva angel! #2 my friend jess always made cute bows for her lil girl and i vowed as soon as I had a girl she would never go bowless! (Is that a word? bowless well it is now) #3 I got this really cute headband in Ut and I luved it! (specially how big and unique it was- you cant find that here in WA) but it cost an arm and a leg! I thought I could make this-- So Low and behold my new obsession! Ok now I think I might even temp to sell them my self! I think I might make a new blog dedicated to it- so be on the look out!


Patti Smith said...

That sounds like fun. You can make some money making them, especially outside of Utah. BTW, what happened to your last post with the pics?

Lisa said...

I'm so excited for you! If/When I have a girl...i want you to teach my how to make them! It was so fun catching up with you yesterday. And I LOVE the back ground you picked out!


Okay, so you have to put a picture up of these bows. I want to see how cute they are.:)