Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our new place!!!

First of all I would like to thank Jason's Cousin Tom and my Parents for helping us move in!
Next I would like to say our place in still a work in progress and not completely done & thirdly that yes you'll have to kink your head to see some of the pictures cuz yes they are still sideways- (we just got a new camara and will hopefully be able to fix that problem).
Here is Heather trying to help open boxes:

Here are a  before shot of the kitchen...

And our deck....

Ok heres our kitchen:

Our family room:
Our main bath/ laundry room:

My pictures in the hall:

The craft/catch all room-(its definitely not done yet)

Heather's room:

Our room: ( A lot of work still to be done)

Our bathroom:

And...... drum roll................ my big walk-in closet:

Ok next I will do July... then August and get caught up!  If Heather will allow me to!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A cold or tooth?

Or both!!! Yes both! Heather was up all night  (I think she slept a cumulative of 5 hours if that and was up for two straight in the middle) last night with a fever- drool all over and snot all over- really it was a mess! I kept thinking is she sick? or teething real bad! This morning Jason said he was feeling sick too so we chalked it up to her just being sick until about an hour ago when she put my finger in her mouth and found a lil TOOTH!!!!! Finally!!!! almost 11 months old in 3 days and finally got her first tooth! We still think she's sick too! but so far she went to sleep good- knock on wood!  Ill take a pix and post it soon!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Sorry I have been slower at this than I had anticipated! Summer jumps away from you dosen't it? Well to start there is a lot of pictures again-thats what happens when you do a month all in one post. Heather was 8 months old this month.  Some of the things she did was : Start walking along furniture, wave, sing with us, scooting around -almost crawling.

Some cute stories are: We were at target and we saw some dogs in a ladies cart who was hu-um on the ground trying out dog beds for them? Anywho Heather loves dogs and when we walked away I say "Jas if Heather will say dog before we leave the store can we get one?"- He repleys "I don't think she will" right then Heather said DOG! It was funny- but sadly Jas didn't say yes!!!
Heather with Aunt Val's dog
Heather has become a good lil eater- she loves table food- so much that I left her on the ground 2 feet from my plate and 2 seconds latter literally  she was at my plate with two fists full and a mouth full of hamburger! 

*Well we started really packing this month- No fun- and a lot more than work than I had imagined! Heather had fun though we kept her entertained and contained:
Playing with cans...
And contained!

*Well we got to hang out and have a few going/ graduation parties with some groups of friends! We really made some great friends in Cheney and were very sad to leave~ thank you to all our friends we met along  our journey in Cheney- we miss you all!
We had our good friends the Wickums over: Heather loves Blain's go-T
With Austintasia~

We also hung out a few time with our other good friends Zack and Jenna and their kids: 

The kids b-day party...
Jason with the kids
Ryien, Heather and Huxley
Jenna and I
The kids playing

We had a BBQ with some of our friends from the first ward for Graduation:
The Gilbert, Jacks, us, Nygards and Wyatts~ I think some people left before we took the picture too!

Jason made his famous Thai food and we had a few friends over: (missing the Nygards)
The girls: Bern~Monica~me~Paula and the kids!
The boys: Jas~Matt~Clancey~Rob and the kids!

We also had a Grad/bye party with friends from our cheney 1st ward:
The girls: Rebecca ~Linley ~Me ~Alison~Paula~Kristen and kids!
The boys: Ryan~Kasey~Cody~Mike~Jason and Mica

*It was also Fathers day this month! And again I wanted to write a nice post for my hubby to tell him what an amazing Daddy he is!  Well Jason hunny I love you and am so thankful for you! Also to my Dad and Jason's dad! WE love you guys!!!
Heather woke her daddy up with big loves and breakfast~And then daddy gave them back:)

*We also went to Connell before we moved to hang out with Jason's family- 
The kids playing in the hot tub full of freezing cold water

We also went to Jason's Cousins wedding: 
Terra and her "new"husband

Heather had fun with her uncles~

*One weekend before we moved we went to Jason's cousins (casey's Parents) house who live on Moses Lake to go boating- our other friends Kade and Kelly came too: (more pictures latter)
On the Dock
Heather cute lil ruffle butt( yes I know its sideways)
Lil 'H'~chillin in her swim cover~ funny huh!

*Heather went to the pool for a first time too! they have this lil kids pool in Cheney she had lots of fun! 

*Finally it was time for the move, which if you didn't know ended up being a lot of DRAMA! I had got a resevation with UHAUL, and I got a great deal- Well When we went to get it they said they gave it to someone else- so natually I was very angry- Well we ended up putting all of our stuff in the alley between our buildings- and 20 calls- and 5 hours latter (and a major discount) we finally had a truck and thanks to family and friends we had it loaded up quick! Thank you all for helping us! We love you!!!!!
Grandma with the kids

Waiting for the truck
All our stuff in the alley
Our good friends who helped us move- they also had dinner for us - our last picture before together before we left!
Mayfeilds~ 'Other" Coulsons~ Us~ Hawes
Thanks guys!!!

****Heather wanted to let all her boyfriends from Cheney that she misses them too:

Yes they are almost naked together-the dads did it not us!:)

And Kasey!!!!

*Well sorry this was so long~ my next post will be of the new place!