Friday, August 1, 2008

April in a nutshell

Alright so I didn't even get to posting a lot of what happened in April so here it goes (yes its all about Heather- Jas and I are to boring) :
*Heather was 6 months old and finally learned to sit on her own(that is for longer than a few seconds- like 10-15 min) , roll over both ways and say ma ma and da da!
Heather sitting up
* So um if you noticed Heather noise looked black- thats cuz it was... Yep Heather was attacked by her highchair! Yes I left the room for one second to get a rag and herd a big smack.. crash- I of corse jet to her to see what happened and there she was laying under the chair that holds her highchair-which she was in! As you can imagine I felt like the worse mother in the world and was in hysterics and so was she- I called my mom then the doctor and rushed her in- luckily all that happened was a good bruise and swelling.. the pictures don't even do it justice: 
*My saving grace that month was Heather's new discovery of Baby Einstein.  She loves it and just makes the cutest faces and noises when watching it- it at least gives me 20 min to get things done. Here are some pictures:
I love her lil hands in the air and her intent look of interest

* Lastly My Baby girl Made-out out with a boy-yep you herd right she's a tramp- no jk but we have friends who have a little boy who's about Heather's age named Eli. They just love each other, it was so nice  they entertained each other. Well one night they both leaned in- tongue and all and lip locked!  Here are some pictures of Heather and Eli:

Holding hands
There Eli goes in for the kill:)
Well there you go there's April in a nutshell!! May is on its way!!!


Aston said...

You did great with the highchair drama. It's amazing how easily they bounce back while we are still trying to come out of shock. Loved the Baby Einstein pics. She has great expressions. I wonder where she gets that from?

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! This isn't the first time she has a high chair issue, is it?

When Clara was just 1-4 months old she rolled over in her car seat. We'd usually buckle her up and put the seat on the couch. Who knows how two times she ended up on the floor with the car seat over her like a turtle. Of course, I felt TERRIBLE, but she got no bruises or anything.

Isn't Baby Einstein wonderful!? We love it too, but we're cutting it because we've read a lot about TV, movies and even Baby Einstein at a young age being related to ADD and ADHD. Clara is already hyperactive as she is, she doesn't need an external trigger. Hahaha!

Ashley Rae said...

Oh man... those bang moments are so scary... I think they happen to every parent at least once :) I'm glad she's ok. She's such a cutie!! I love all the pictures- especially the one of her watching baby einstein. SO adorable.

Chad and Becca said...

I love how into Baby Einsteins she is, super cute pics! If you click on the link with my name it should send you to my blog. Sunday night was a blast... we should get together again soon! Call me!