Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Skipping around

Ok so I guess I haven't been following any order- I am sorta skipping back and forth! But I just got the link to Heather's professional 9 month pictures and wanted to share them with you..... (then I will tell you what happened in May next ok-- and try to stay on track)

This is one of her new fav things to do is to wave at everyone and everything- really the tv, the clerk at Winco, the dog next or door even a tree! She will do it until you pay attention to her... and she loves attention.  I don't know what to do with my lil diva!  I guess take pictures.... oh wait I do! 

Look mom num nums ( she did eat try to eat them) ~Oh no honey thats to make the picture pretty!
Like my narrative?

Heather crawling- I love that she got this shot- gotta love the diaper hanging out the back!
( I hope that isnt a sign of things to come)

I love these bath ones specially this one of her feet just chillin there!
And her eating the tub-thats my girl! she loves to eat it dosen't matter what either! You can tell to look at the extra chunkage going on that girl- But mama loves it!


Aston said...

love the pics! Hope last night went okay. Call tonight if you need to or just want to.

Scarlett said...

So adorable! I can't believe how good she is when she gets her pics taken. Kassi still hates it when I pull out the camera! And you look as pretty as ever!

Eric and Carrie said...

Darling little girl! All the pics are great. I especially love the one where she's peeking out the side of the towel. How precious!