Monday, October 18, 2010


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Princess is 3!!!!

We woke Heather up and sang to her, then opened her presents
Heather thanking Halli

 Most of Heathers presents were either yard sale find or Super duper deals!

 I got Princess barbies in perfect condition for $1 each! They are normally $10-25

Princess dress was from Grandma and Grandpa Coulson's Birthday money!
 Enjoying her new loot!
 We went to Denny's for her birthday breakfast (Ps if you sign up with them you get free grand slam for your birthday... Plus I had a 20% off coupon. We order one more Grand slam, and had left overs... Costing with tip a toal of $8)
Coloring with Dad
 Say Hi

Afterward I took Heather to Kmart (which if you sign up your kid for their bday rewards they get $5 gift card plus a cool lil package)
 We then went home to play in the pool for a while
For lunch we went with some friends to Mc D's

 Heather loves the play place
 Cassidy~ my friends lil girl... isnt she beautiful

 Enjoying the smell of her toy

 We went and took some professional pictures... Which I will have up latter
Then Heather wanted Pizza for Dinner so she got it!
Cake and Ice cream time

More gifts

 After she went to bed it was my turn to get ready for her Princess party That weekend

 Halli trying to help us
 In she goes

 So I had been Blog searching for cute ideas for her party and it seemed the trend is glass's full of treats
So I got creative and found a bunch of glass bowls and candle sticks at yard sales

 Glued them together.....

Ta da ... Glass candy dishes
I also got some silver platters at the Dollar store spray painted them Hot pink and glued to Candle sticks! 
Ta da Two level platters at a fraction of the price.

 My work in progress

 My Pretty Princess's

 The final look... Table of Treats!

 The sweet cake... No I didnt make it... Next time!!!
 The treats!

 I also made some of the wood block Letters for her room and used them as decor
 Heather and her good friend Alyssa
Another display..... Heather #yr pictures (ill post more latter)

  The kids make pony bead bracelets

 And Princess coloring pages

 We had a princess Pinata!
My Parents came up for the weekend.. that's my dad helping... What a gem!

Look at this adorable lil dragon
 Heather playing with the boys... of course
 My good friend Elsha and I (she the magic Photographer)

 The kids played pin the crown on the Princess


 The Cute kids!
 I love that I got some kid trying to get a taste

 Blowing her candles

 My Mommy and Halli

 The princess holding her sign that was outside
Happy Birthday Heather We Love you so much and so glad you are a part of our lil family!

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