Monday, October 4, 2010

OPPS!~ Abba Mania ~ Frugal Fashion

 What this heap of rags is.... then.... you might laugh to find out it is a bunch of onisies I pulled out for Halli that where heather... Some how I put them in storage clean and they came out with yellow stains. I decided to soak them in some bleach water.... Well I forgot about them for a couple days. I threw them in the wash with out examining them and Jason threw them in the dryer with out looking.... Needless to say the bleach had eaten away the material and all the fuzz... or should we say the shirts ended up in the lint filter..... OPPPS!
 Here is some more Frugal fashion
Headband $1 Family Dollar
Dress $4 Walmart
T-shirt Shade sale $5
 Shoes... $2 At DI, Leggings $3 at TJ MAXX
 Fabric Broach my friend Lisa made $2
 Total $17 for an entire outfit~! Can I get a woot woot

My good friend and I went to Abba Mania, Which is a Cover band that travels the world performing Abba songs. Being a fan of Mama Mia and the music we were ecstatic.
We decided to dress up...... We knew we would be the only ones...
 We just had no idea we'd be the only ones under 50 there.
 But we were a hit among the old people. We even got up on stage and danced! Yep go us!!!! I had so much fun~Thanks Elsha, and thanks Jas for letting me go out and have a girls night.


Jordon and Terra said...

How fun! I love ABBA! I'm so jealous! And I love your frugal fashion outfit! It is so cute! I need to get more creative and fun with my clothes! And I love the pictures of Halli in the post before this. She is so cute! Your girls are getting so big!

The McGary's said...

I had the same problem with Kyla's clothes turning yellow. I had no idea they would turn so fast. I soaked them in oxiclean and they all came out with no prolem. But I have soaked a onsie in bleach once and forgot about it and they looked very similar to yours:)

BTW, your outfit is darling.

Aston said...

Fun!!! Miss you. Love, love, love the red shoes.

The Woolner Family said...


Andrea said...

Love the outfits! Looks like you guys had a great time. Did I tell you my parents went to the abba-mania in Rexburg, unbeknown to me! Great minds think alike!