Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Outdoor fun

I am so behind... I dont even know where to start... I have millions of photos of my girls outside, so I will start there... Sorry its been a busy week and this is an easy catch up post :) 
There is also a lot of pictures.. as always :)
We got a new kiddy pool ($6- at freddy's! great deal!!!)
In case your wondering Heather poured the watering can on Halli's head, Poor Halli she puts up with a lot! Heather just thinks it's funny!
I convinced her to only pour it on her hand
Halli ... well she liked to eat the pool

She was so tuckered out~ she feel asleep this way

Heather and her 'Best friend' Bracken jumping in!!!
Heather is our lil crazy Daredevil Monkey!

Halli watching her crazy sister

I had to add this one (with permission) Of his wet lil bum... so cute. He hates his pants on obviously.

This day they got the wagon in on the fun
Messy face! She loves strawberries!!!
Heather tends to be the bully... and therefore is saying sorry  A LOT!
And lots of giving kisses Better

I had to add a pix of my flag toes for my girlfriend!!! Sorry about the chunky fatties!!!! LOL
Gotta love the Ruffle Bum

Heather helping Halli..... Halli was grunting and growling in frustration
finally no sister to 'Help'

And lastly our pet Butterfly....
the kids where so excited when 'Terrance' Came out of his cocoon.
Jason caught him as a caterpillar and soon he made his cocoon
week and half latter my friend went to use the rest room and was surprised by a butterfly in our bathroom!!!

Hope you have had a fun summer too!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Halli 7 mo pix

Halli at 7 months old....
Heather wanted in on the action... Her showing the Carebears in her belly button...
Dont ask!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Frugal Fashion....... Sillly Girls.... Watch bands.....

Mouth full...... I am still playing catch up!
My Blogging friend over at For the Love of Always posts her frugal fashion... I loved the idea so I told her I was stealing it, So here ya go:
Remember my lace necklace from here, well it started out a piece of lace ....

And with some spray paint and a Chain (yard sale find) it became this for less than a dollar.

Earrings50 cents (yard sale)
Top Down east sale $5
Dress Down east sale $7
Shoes Burlington sale $5
Total Less than $19

On another note When we get the car (meaning I take Jas to school~ one car sucks) We like to go play:
We go to the 'Green store' (Dollar store)
To the Park
And the Mall~ gotta love those Mall playpens!
Heather loves to play on the quarter ride thingy's ( Dont know what they are actually called)
With out Quarters :)
By the way speaking of Frugal fashion Heathers outfit shoes up to bows cost less than $10
Halli hanging out- Just happy to be out of the house- Dont blame her

And Lastly some of my newest creations: