Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Proud to be an American...

Were  at least I know I am Free...... 
I love Independence day....
 Jas and I were trying to decide what we liked more Christmas or July 4th!!! Tuff one.  There is just something about getting dressed up in patriotic colors, spending the day with your friends and family and enjoying the outdoors.... Plus to think how Lucky we our to live in this great Nation.
I want to thank all those who have and continue to fight for this country and their families!!!
Thank you!!!
We had a fun weekend
First off My Sweet husband Watched the girls so I could go see Eclipse With my girlfriend..
A much needed break.
Then we stretched our luck by going shopping afterwards to My fav stores : Ross and        
TJ Maxx

We got to sleep in then got ready 
My cute girls 

Then we went to ID Falls to hang out with some good friends of ours. We had fun playing outside...
So much so that it pooped out my lil family:

Then it was off to the Park to hang out until it was time to watch one of the best Firework shows in the US. (seriously click here scroll down and see #2 :) )
Heather gave Halli some Licorice ~ Lucky girl! 
We DId some Pop's Gotta love um'
And gotta love the random kids we didn't know coming up and asking for some- Weird- Where were there parents.    
The Fam
Then sparklers~ Heathers first... She wasn't sure what to think of it- so threw hers to me and  I got burned pretty good on my finger!

Sunday~ Which was Actually the fourth.. We BBQ'd Steaks- yum!!! Then hung out outside as a family- gotta love the warm summer evenings.  Then we went to our church up on a hill to watch the fireworks in town... Perfect seats...
Heather loved all the fireworks.. thats all she has talked about the past few days.. and asking "Mom We watch more fir works tonight?"
Sadly no :(, Sorry Baby girl!

Monday we hung out as a family and cleaned up the house... Dejunking
Gotta love four day weekends!


Cassidy said...

Happy Fourth!!!

Andrea said...

I like the girls outfits, and you got to see eclipse, jealous!

Scarlett said...

Did you like Eclipse? We all need those girl's nights out! Such cute pics! Your girls are adorable!

Brian and Carly said...

I love this holiday too! So much fun. Saw your Dad at the Target fireworks. Such a good guy. Your girls look so cute!