Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Frugal Fashion....... Sillly Girls.... Watch bands.....

Mouth full...... I am still playing catch up!
My Blogging friend over at For the Love of Always posts her frugal fashion... I loved the idea so I told her I was stealing it, So here ya go:
Remember my lace necklace from here, well it started out a piece of lace ....

And with some spray paint and a Chain (yard sale find) it became this for less than a dollar.

Earrings50 cents (yard sale)
Top Down east sale $5
Dress Down east sale $7
Shoes Burlington sale $5
Total Less than $19

On another note When we get the car (meaning I take Jas to school~ one car sucks) We like to go play:
We go to the 'Green store' (Dollar store)
To the Park
And the Mall~ gotta love those Mall playpens!
Heather loves to play on the quarter ride thingy's ( Dont know what they are actually called)
With out Quarters :)
By the way speaking of Frugal fashion Heathers outfit shoes up to bows cost less than $10
Halli hanging out- Just happy to be out of the house- Dont blame her

And Lastly some of my newest creations:


Erin and Daryl said...

I like watch jewlery you have. Also, I totally understand about the car sharing thing....NOT FUN! But, I'm glad you got the car for a day....I enjoy those days myself:)

Aston said...

Cute affordable outfit! Thanks for sharing.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Ooh cute outfit and watchbands! I've been wanting to get some of those...that fad hasn't quite hit Pennsylvania yet! :) you look great!