Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family pix Fall 2008

Disclaimer: I still have no clue what's wrong with my blog- but it wont let me up load more than one picture a day so this post has taken me two weeks to do! Therefore There's not as many pictures as I had hoped to put on! Hopefully I will figure it out!

Some friends of ours take pictures- so we went to a really pretty park and took some really pretty pictures! 
(Side note: I still haven't lost all the prego fat so don't look to close and don't judge me- I like cookies)
Heres the ones I took with my Camera!

Heather and Kaylynn

Heres the one they took of us with there really nice camera! (they do this on the side if you would like them to take your pictures visit there blog :Chad and Becca or  at

Afterwards Jason played with the girls!
HOpefully Ill get more on the next one!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jason's late birthday!

First off I was hoping to be caught up by now but I am having some difficulties downloading the pictures onto my posts- I only got three on this one but there were like 6 or 7 I wanted to post! (I can download pic's fine on my facebook and myspace- So I dont know what the prob is! Dose anyone else ever have problems?) 
So Jason's birthday was last month and I still wanted to post about it! ~ Hopefully one day I will be caught up! 
We went to BSU campus and walked around and played at the park next to it! It was really pretty!

Latter we went to Red Lobster, Heather entertained the people at the tables around us! 
We had fun looking at the lobsters!

Happy birthday hun! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!
Heather Also got her second tooth! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Again I am still trying to catch up so bare with me!
I love conference weekend! Last conference Heather was 6 months old so i didn't watch much of it! It was nice to enjoy it this time and so did Heather! She actually just relaxed in our arms most the time or we put her down and she played!  

We realized it was really quiet... so we looked down at Heather and found this....

She had gotten into the bag of cookies we had closed, and was going to town on the cookies .

Jas helped her eat something a lil better for her!
Problem be with this is she became obsessed with apples and ate to much- needless to say we had diaper problems for a week! Too much fiber is a bad thing!!!!
Heather really enjoyed the music- anytime church music comes on she starts to lead the music- even if we think she's asleep she'll pop up and lead the music- you cant tell but she's leading it here!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The rest of our Ut trip

Yes it was a month ago but I wanted to post a few pictures!
*While in Ut Heather and i went to hang out with one of my best friends Shantel. She has a lil boy Kowen who's a year older than her- they had so much fun together- Heather's a lil ruff so she plays good with older boys- should I be scared? Well heres some pictures of her and her lil Boyfriend playing on the lovesac:
they just malled each other and laughed...
and rolled over each other.

We also went to the mall with them and we took the kids on the carousal Heather loved it- she even picked the horse she rode on! And while on it she was pretending to giddy up and made horse sounds!
Shantel and Kowen
Shantel's Baby Brikelle-cute head band huh- I made it!
*We also went to Dinner and hung out with my other best friend Lisa and her lil girl Lilly! Heather also has a fascination with babies smaller than her! I just have to hold her so she dosent beat them up! Heather did really good with her new best friend Lilly!
Giving her a kiss ..I think

Big smiles

Me with Lilly

*Heather playing with her new toys she got for her birthday
taste good?
Luv's.. thats better
stacking stars from her cousins

Farm from mom and Dad

Climbing Grandparents stairs- good job!
almost there
good job!
Balloon are just as fun
silly girl
*Aunt Hayley teaching Heather to ride her scooter(I think thats what its called).

*Playing on the piano with her Cousin Easton.
She looks like she knows what she's doing

Sunday, November 2, 2008


For Halloween Heather and I were Fairy's. Jason was a fairy catcher (an idea we stole from our friends in cheney~ thanks Mandi) but he more like dressed up like Indianda Jones (or Idaho Jones if you asked him-silly).

I was so glad that it was a good day as far as weather! I couldn't get Heather to sit for a picture, but I got a few cute ones of her out on the porch! 

Went went to our wards Chili feed and trunk or treat.  
In front of our trunk
Heather enjoying her first Halloween Candy

After thr trunk or treat we went door to door trick or treating with Jason's cousin Tom and his family!
Heather loves Tom- she just loves on him everytime we see them.

Heather alos loves Tom's girls Eden and Avery.

After trick or treating we went to our place to eat candy and watch a scary movie! Yes I love scary movies~ however we watched the Exorcist of Emily Rose, and let me tell you it was freaky- it was more of the devilish feel than scary feel!
Happy Late Halloween!!!!