Sunday, November 2, 2008


For Halloween Heather and I were Fairy's. Jason was a fairy catcher (an idea we stole from our friends in cheney~ thanks Mandi) but he more like dressed up like Indianda Jones (or Idaho Jones if you asked him-silly).

I was so glad that it was a good day as far as weather! I couldn't get Heather to sit for a picture, but I got a few cute ones of her out on the porch! 

Went went to our wards Chili feed and trunk or treat.  
In front of our trunk
Heather enjoying her first Halloween Candy

After thr trunk or treat we went door to door trick or treating with Jason's cousin Tom and his family!
Heather loves Tom- she just loves on him everytime we see them.

Heather alos loves Tom's girls Eden and Avery.

After trick or treating we went to our place to eat candy and watch a scary movie! Yes I love scary movies~ however we watched the Exorcist of Emily Rose, and let me tell you it was freaky- it was more of the devilish feel than scary feel!
Happy Late Halloween!!!!


Ashley Rae said...

She is the cutest little fairy, ever! And you are a beautiful fairy :D Cute pictures!

Woodrich Family said...

Wow! What a nice mom you are! I didn't let Rachel have any. Heather is absolutely adorable!

owona said...

You guys are so cute! Glad you had a happy Halloween!

Shauna said...

Loved all your photos! Looks like you've been having tons of Fall fun!!

The Jacks said...

You guys are sure cute, you can steal my ideas anytime!

Anonymous said...

im glad you and indiana jones are having fun in idaho. the little fairy is getting big. kellee and i watched little eli all day and he is getting big, walkin all over the place. well the other coulsons suprised us today, they were on their way to linleys moms house. anyway this is more like an email than a comment, but we will talk to you later