Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Again I am still trying to catch up so bare with me!
I love conference weekend! Last conference Heather was 6 months old so i didn't watch much of it! It was nice to enjoy it this time and so did Heather! She actually just relaxed in our arms most the time or we put her down and she played!  

We realized it was really quiet... so we looked down at Heather and found this....

She had gotten into the bag of cookies we had closed, and was going to town on the cookies .

Jas helped her eat something a lil better for her!
Problem be with this is she became obsessed with apples and ate to much- needless to say we had diaper problems for a week! Too much fiber is a bad thing!!!!
Heather really enjoyed the music- anytime church music comes on she starts to lead the music- even if we think she's asleep she'll pop up and lead the music- you cant tell but she's leading it here!


Tiffany Fackrell said...

oh man, Cambree won't get out of her head that she wants an apple. All day everyday I hear "apple." Sad thing is, we haven't had any. I am going to the store tonight, i better remember the apples. Also Cambree loves to lead the music too. She stands in the isle at church leading and dancing to the hymns. I can't control this girl!!!

Ashley said...

hey Cami Girl how are you? Your lil girl is sooo cute, she looks just like you! I miss you, just wanted to say Hi! Love ya.

Sharee and Court said...

How funny that Heather leads the music! Brady dances! I like conference too. You are lucky that she sat through it and you got to enjoy it... Brady is always ALL over the place!

Scarlett said...

SO cute! Isn't it funny how sneaky they can be? She is a doll!

LiNdS said...

look at her little velour outfit! Cami she is so cute! She looks just like you!