Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jason's late birthday!

First off I was hoping to be caught up by now but I am having some difficulties downloading the pictures onto my posts- I only got three on this one but there were like 6 or 7 I wanted to post! (I can download pic's fine on my facebook and myspace- So I dont know what the prob is! Dose anyone else ever have problems?) 
So Jason's birthday was last month and I still wanted to post about it! ~ Hopefully one day I will be caught up! 
We went to BSU campus and walked around and played at the park next to it! It was really pretty!

Latter we went to Red Lobster, Heather entertained the people at the tables around us! 
We had fun looking at the lobsters!

Happy birthday hun! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!
Heather Also got her second tooth! 


Chad and Becca said...

I am glad Jason had a good bday! When I was about 9 or 10 my parents took me to Red Lobster and I was soo upset about the lobster tank that I tried to free them! lol my fam still makes fun of me for it! Can't wait til Saturday!

Scarlett said...

So fun! Happy Birthday to your hubbie!

Ashley Rae said...

Happy birthday Cami's hubby! And cute little baby teeth! :)

jessica& said...

I am glad I'm not the only one with blog posting problems. Keep trying because I love all your posts.