Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family pix Fall 2008

Disclaimer: I still have no clue what's wrong with my blog- but it wont let me up load more than one picture a day so this post has taken me two weeks to do! Therefore There's not as many pictures as I had hoped to put on! Hopefully I will figure it out!

Some friends of ours take pictures- so we went to a really pretty park and took some really pretty pictures! 
(Side note: I still haven't lost all the prego fat so don't look to close and don't judge me- I like cookies)
Heres the ones I took with my Camera!

Heather and Kaylynn

Heres the one they took of us with there really nice camera! (they do this on the side if you would like them to take your pictures visit there blog :Chad and Becca or  at

Afterwards Jason played with the girls!
HOpefully Ill get more on the next one!


Tiffany Fackrell said...

ok first of all you look FAB! and second of all "don't judge - I like cookies!" Made me laugh out loud! Maybe I should start using that line, ahahha!

Ashley Rae said...

Those are way cute! I LOVE hear headband- you are so creative (I'm assuming you made it). :)

You look beautiful!

Lisa said...

Darling little family! What a fun place to take pictures! So...I have been dying to ask you... have you seen Twilight? Let me know if you have. I miss your guts!

Brian and Carly said...

Great shots! You guys are a cute family.

Scarlett said...

So cute! And I think you look great as well!

Chad and Becca said...

Hey you finally got some the pics on here yay! Oh and thanks for the advertisement LOL That was a fun day!

Emily said...

really beautiful pictures! You guys have such a great family!!!