Friday, December 5, 2008

Playing catch up

So this is sorta what I have missed from October! (ok I admit it this is my journaling/scrap-booking/genealogy all in one.  If your a mom you understand! So it is necessary for me to still do Oct and I will do Nov even if they have passed! It doesn't help that my computer is being a child and having fits either! So It will be long- just a warning! but worth looking at!

Heather has this new love of reading that started about a month and half ago! We have a lil shelve with all her books and its a daily thing for her to pull them all down of the sit in the middle and pretend to read them.. baby gibberish and all!
 I love naked babies (well diapered yes).
Heather loves to watch me put my makeup on- she even pretends to do it herself- well one day I went to see what she was up to to find this.... she had gotten the lip of my lip liner and drew all over her face- surprising enough the focus was around her lips ( I think she ate some)- so I did what any parent would do and took pictures!
Admiring her work in the mirror!
Heather got to experience her first snow of the year- Dad took her on the balcony to catch it and eat it!  Heather loved it- she practically ate a whole snow cone. Sadly for her- happily for me it melted away quick and we haven't had any snow since!

My parents came to visit us in the end of October.  Heather loves her grandparents so much. Grandpa Smith and Mom and Dad took her to the park to play some ball- Heather loves ball its one of her favorite words she can say!
Kicking the ball
Heather loves her new pink soccer ball she got for her B-Day!
Jason's sweet awsome picture taking skills! 
On the slide with mommy!
One morning Grandpa got Heather when she woke up and she made his day by giving me lots of love's and kiss's.

We took my parents for a tour of Boise- which was for our benefit to since we hadn't seen much of it our selves.  We found a big pile of leaves and knocked to asked if We could play in them- We got the cleaning lady's ok so we threw her in!

Im sure the best part for people driving by was seeing four adults act a fool to get a lil girl who was tired and grumpy to smile!

We then went to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. Heather had fun pretending to order! She is in this monkey see monkey do phase and loves to do what we do!
Dont ask!

Hopefully I'll do November quickly and be caught up! 


Sharee and Court said...

how cute! SHe is getting so big! Brady LOVES books too! If you ever need to get some new GREAT books, I am a consultant for Usborne books at home. My website in if you want to check out any of them.

Anonymous said...

if you guys are going to moses lake over the break we may come down and see you guys and kc and linley

Ashley Hall said...

I totally understand playing catch up on your blog. You are way better than me though. I always have so many things that I want to blog about but then after a while has past and I still haven't done it, sometimes I just give up on it. She's such a cutie. I want to meet her!! When are you guys coming to Utah next? Oh yeah and by the way, Kayley has blowouts at least once a day too! It's just part of our routine now to clean her up and then scrub out her clothes! :)

Woodrich Family said...

What fun pictures! She really is getting all grown up! I just don't think I'll ever get over how fast time flies!

Jay and Jess said...

Hi Cami,
Happy Birthday to you on the
16th!!:) Yay. Yes, if you come down for x-mas please let me know. I really want to see you and the fam.