Monday, December 8, 2008

November #1

This too is going to be long~ Im sorry!
Jason took me to this awesome antique mall by us~ I love antiques.  Part of it was shabby'd!  Oh I just loved it. I snuck some pictures when the guy wasn't looking! One day when I have money........ (isn't that what we all say)..... My house will look like this just not as bunched together!
This will be the colors of my kitchen
My good troopers
Love this table

I loved this saying!
I couldn't find Jas and the angel and I found them sitting on some cool old chairs talking! Cute huh!
Heres just a cute random one I took of Heather Playing in her room.
SO Heather's become quite the lil walker! For a while she walked around like this with her hands up screaming!
Now she likes to walk around with something in each hand! For a while she had to use the wall to get back up because she wouldn't let go of what was in her hands.
Heather trying to get up with out dropping things in hands

Playing with her daddy! She gets so excited when he comes home!

Heather is our lil lover bug! She will all of a sudden drop and start cuddling with the animal she holding - if she is! Its so cute!

Went to Jason cousin's house for FHE and to see there new puppy! Heather loves dogs- Its one of her words she can say!  Although I think she was a lil nervous to see one that was hyper! But she had fun!
Heather getting the dog...
The dog attacking her back!
The dog wouldn't leave her alone- it was so funny.
The kids listening to the lesson
Heather and her cousin Lane playing with his rocking horse
Heather was playing with some rings and some how this happened!

I went to go see Mamma Mia with a bunch of lady's in my ward! If you didn't know its a sing along! One of the lady's invited us all for her birthday and she bought lil fake microphones  for us to sing along with! It was a blast thease girl were crazy- standing and singing and dancing down the aisle ! It was a blast- thanks girls! ( Im the boring one wit the tan jacket and black boa some gave me- if I knew they were dressing up I would have too)
Jason brought me home this beautiful fall boquet when I was having a bad day! Pretty huh!


The McGary's said...

Wow I finally caught up on your blog. So much fun stuff to read about. Heather is just too cute. Happy late birthday to Jason! Heather is walking, that's fun! Your family pictures were so great too!!

Ashley Rae said...

I think it's hilarious you took a picture of the stuff in the store. You're awesome. That is some pretty sweet stuff, there.

Those pictures are cute! Heather is at one of my favorite stages, right now... they can walk and start to talk, but they can't talk back and they're still too slow to run away from you. LOL. Cute, cute.

Scarlett said...

Heather is so cute! She is growing fast!

The Tait Family said...

man i love that store too. i have my room and paiges room in the rachel ashwell shabby chic. i love'em they are my favorite rooms i the house.

Trevor and Lauren said...

OH Cam Cam, I think our houses might look the same. I LOVE that kind of decor.
Your family is ADORABLE, I miss ya!
Merry Christmas.