Monday, April 26, 2010

I need Help Ladies!!!!!!

On Quite a lot of things.... But we'll work on just a few this time!

First off~ Potty training- I think I might embark on that great adventure this week, so any helpful hints would be super sweet Awesome!

Second~ FHE I now have a toddler who is like a lil sponge and I would like some fun ideas for Family home evening! I have the nursery manual and we have done some of those but i need more! I need more Cow bell!!!!!! LOL

Thirdly~ If you happened upon my last post your have noticed I have been dumpster diving- recycling bins that is... for coupons. Yes I have joined the crazy coupon ladies- well sorta~! Thats why I need you- Great ideas, deals sites anything is much needed- I am a duck outa water to say the least- and it seems by the time I hear of a deal - its gone.......

Thank you all very much!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just call me Crazy......

So You'll never believe what I did today! Well...... um first off last night we had RS and it was on coupon-ing. Which I have been wanting to get into.  (speaking of which if you have any pointers or help for me that would be awesome)  Well The lady mentioned to Dumpster dive for coupons.......
Yep you got it I went Recycling bin diving.... Yea I am crazy. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.. to get coupons ... He He He
Can you imagine driving by and seeing two legs hanging out of the bin..... yep crazy huh!
Well it worked i got a bunch of coupons :)
Ps Dont Forget its Earth Week... I am doing my part... are you?

PSS Here s another fun Giveaway

Monday, April 19, 2010

Piggy Party!!!!

My girls and I have started a new tradition... Piggy Parties.  
Once a week we take car of our piggy's (toes) And make them look Pretty ( I love having girls).
This is one of my goals to do new fun things with my girls... Plus Heather will let me cut her nails this way :)
Look at those chunky thighs!!!!
Heather choose this 'magenta' out (Most my colors are a pinkish color any how LOL)
We have done it the past four weeks... this was the first time we did it, and Halli's first time ever.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Box + Dad = Fun (giveaways)

We had a big Diaper box and a few other carboard items in our recycling and It brought out the kid in Jason.  He decided to make an airplane for Heather..... 

Equipped with wings, a door and even a periscope

Jas got his glasses out for heather and made them small to fit her Head
.... then of corse he put on some Top Gun Music...
Thumbs up (she did that on her own)

Even Halli Got in on the fun...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My itch is scratched ....

Yard sale season has official began!!!! Wahooooo..... I cant even say how excited I am. Of corse Poky isnt the best place for them, but I make it work. You just have to be creative.
I probably spent about $10 today and look at my loot:
I got all these flowers ( Pretty hair clips galore) 
I got this white chai for $1 and the animals for 10 cents each
(the baskets came in the big bag of flowers- Heather is using them for her barbies now)
A Columbia Snow suit for Halli for next winter!~$1
The flowers ( i separated by color) and other craft items
v-tech toy  reg $15-19  ~ I paid $1
Then I got a bunch of clothes to make things for Heather  and Halli out of, and a few for me.... He He He
and a ton of patterns I want to try ect....
It felt so good to finally get my Thrifty Diva on!!!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am a little late in posting this... I have a good excuse.... My internet was down for a few days! ~ Have you ever gone 3 days without your computer? Is it sad to say i really missed it?  I thought it'd be a good break... um no it wasn't. I find I use the internet as my peaceful place... sad I know.  ok enough of that......
So I had a lil to much fun at the dollar store for Easter. At least i didn't spend a lot! He He He. My Mom also sent us a gift box full of goodies.  The Bunny also left us some bunny prints~ So cool!
I love the open mouth.. 

Bunny mask from Grandma Smith

WE also made some fun and easy cookies (oreos dipped in melted chocolate)

Heather got a lil carried away with the sprinkles...

Finished product
We had some friend's over for Easter Dinner, and an egg hunt for the kids ( inside of corse there was snow out).  I just forgot to take pictures.

Also for all you breast feeding mommy's out there heres a cool article for you!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

First chow down

Since Halli is 4 months old, and tries to grab all our food, our Doc said it was time to feed the lil one. Like she needs more chunk.  She did really good too- most of it got into her mouth.

nice face!