Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am a little late in posting this... I have a good excuse.... My internet was down for a few days! ~ Have you ever gone 3 days without your computer? Is it sad to say i really missed it?  I thought it'd be a good break... um no it wasn't. I find I use the internet as my peaceful place... sad I know.  ok enough of that......
So I had a lil to much fun at the dollar store for Easter. At least i didn't spend a lot! He He He. My Mom also sent us a gift box full of goodies.  The Bunny also left us some bunny prints~ So cool!
I love the open mouth.. 

Bunny mask from Grandma Smith

WE also made some fun and easy cookies (oreos dipped in melted chocolate)

Heather got a lil carried away with the sprinkles...

Finished product
We had some friend's over for Easter Dinner, and an egg hunt for the kids ( inside of corse there was snow out).  I just forgot to take pictures.

Also for all you breast feeding mommy's out there heres a cool article for you!!!!


Cassidy said...

What a great cookie idea!!