Sunday, April 11, 2010

My itch is scratched ....

Yard sale season has official began!!!! Wahooooo..... I cant even say how excited I am. Of corse Poky isnt the best place for them, but I make it work. You just have to be creative.
I probably spent about $10 today and look at my loot:
I got all these flowers ( Pretty hair clips galore) 
I got this white chai for $1 and the animals for 10 cents each
(the baskets came in the big bag of flowers- Heather is using them for her barbies now)
A Columbia Snow suit for Halli for next winter!~$1
The flowers ( i separated by color) and other craft items
v-tech toy  reg $15-19  ~ I paid $1
Then I got a bunch of clothes to make things for Heather  and Halli out of, and a few for me.... He He He
and a ton of patterns I want to try ect....
It felt so good to finally get my Thrifty Diva on!!!!!!


See Mom Smile said...

I used to be a huge garage sale person for the reasons you have shown in your pics. But as my kids got older I just wanted to get rid of stuff and valued sleeping in on Saturday's too much! LOVE your finds. Brings back good garage sale memories!

Lisa said...

Awesome finds! Way to go!

Stephanie said...

You asked what I'm reading...I just finished Uglies and Last Song, now I'm reading the 4th Percy Jackson book.

Aston said...

Yay!!! Miss you garage sale buddy!

Ashley Hall said...

So awesome! I totally want to get into that this spring and summer. You're girls are adorable. I love the toys. I did that with my girls the other day too and it was so fun. Girls are the best!