Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're alive!

So we are alive and have moved into our new place. I am actually liking it better than I tought! Our new ward had like 8 guys help us move in- we got pizza sent over for a our first night and cookies already! Plus its good to have our friends the Drapers here! I have posted a few pictures asa quick update- once I have my own computer I will post a lot more- I mean A LOT!!

Me at 20 weeks

When we found out it was a girl

The fourth of July

Heather taking a bath in our new place's sink.
(Im not caring her up stairs to the only tub we have)

Me at 25 weeks!
Today we had a parad in our town, It was raining the whole time on us-

but we got more candy!!!!

Hope all is well with you all- I dont have time to check your blogs!!!