Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're alive!

So we are alive and have moved into our new place. I am actually liking it better than I tought! Our new ward had like 8 guys help us move in- we got pizza sent over for a our first night and cookies already! Plus its good to have our friends the Drapers here! I have posted a few pictures asa quick update- once I have my own computer I will post a lot more- I mean A LOT!!

Me at 20 weeks

When we found out it was a girl

The fourth of July

Heather taking a bath in our new place's sink.
(Im not caring her up stairs to the only tub we have)

Me at 25 weeks!
Today we had a parad in our town, It was raining the whole time on us-

but we got more candy!!!!

Hope all is well with you all- I dont have time to check your blogs!!!


The McGary's said...

You look so cute. I am loving the red shoes and necklace.

Deborah Austin said...

Yeah for a girl and I am so glad you are getting settled. You look so cute and before you know it you will be done:)

Aston said...

So glad to SEE that you are alive and well. We know how hard it is to move prego and with small kids. Good luck! Love ya.

Nick Jen and Spencer said...

Hey, we miss you guys! We're glad to see things are going well and your having fun in your new place. I'm sorry Nick never made it over to your house to help pack things up. He worked late that night, and then my family was just getting into town for your family reunion, with all the comotion it just didn't happen :o( We felt really bad!
We look forward to more updates, so keep us posted!

HawesFam said...

I had no idea you were prego. When are you due? Where are you guys living now? We are actually expecting too. Due in January with a girl. I want to catch up with you because i have been so bad at keeping in touch. I am sorry. If you get a minute, give me a call or drop me a line. miss you!

Scarlett said...

You look so great! I can't imagine moving, and being preggo. We are moving and I am not preg, and it is so freaking stressful. I am glad to see you survived. That gives me hope.........

Lisa said...

Glad that you are there and some what settled. You look so great! I love your belly!!! Miss you lots! can't wait for another visit!

Ashley Hall said...

You look so cute pregnant! We found out a month ago that we are having another girl too. I'm really excited. I hope that moving in and everything is going well for you!