Thursday, July 16, 2009

MIA for a while

Ok so Reason I havent posted for a while is our Computer pooped out on us! We wont get the part we need for a few weeks and by then we will be moving! So I wont be able to post for a couple of weeks! I promise I will catch up oncewe are moved in! We did find a place in Pocky! and in the process of Packing! We move on the 31st! Thanks to all of you who have called to see how you can help- It good to feel loved! Packing while prego and sick and dealing with a toddler is not easy but those calls help! Also If you would like our new address email me at - it will take me a few weeks ut I will get it to you! thanks!!!!


Emily said...

good luck! What an exciting new chapter of life for you guys! If I lived closer I would be there in flash to help you pack. :)

Scarlett said...

Totally understand. I am stressed and we are not moving til next month, and I'm not prego! Good luck!