Sunday, February 28, 2010

Utah part 1

We made a quick trip to Ut for my nieces baptism and my Halli's Blessing. 
We made a quick stop at our friends house the Drapers, we miss them so much.
The kids watching old cartoons on the lap top - since thats the only place you can watch them now!

Our Niece Makayla was baptized I got to do her hair.
My dad with Halli- My mom for once didnt want her because she had just thrown up all over her.

The cousins all wanted to hold Halli too... I was scared she was gonna topple one over she was almost the same size of some of them.

We headed to the Coulson side for a family party and pictures... the kids there wanted Halli too...

waiting to get pictures taken ( I will post them when I get them)

Hanging out with Grandpa Coulson

It was Uncle Johns B-day so we had cake- the kids couldn't wait to eat it- note the icing missing

But they had to eat Dinner first

Last time with Uncle Jake- he was off the MTC the next week

Heather had so much fun with her cousins she didnt want to leave.
Ok Part two to come soon- I have to get some pictures from my mom first!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Halli 3 months (prof pix too)

Heres my photo job I do every month....

Its a lil washed out!

And theae are the one my friend Elsha Too:

Blessing outfit

Halli just keeps growing- she weighs in at a whooping 13 lbs 10 oz! What a chunk!
She has so much personality already.. she is quite the Diva like her sister. She knows what what she wants and wants it when she wants it!
She is picking things up so good. Loves her play mat. Loves to talk (she's not my child is she).
has a bit of sweet and a bit of spunk!
I love my sweet lil Halli Jeane.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sharing... (New headbands)

Heather has been so good at sharing with her sister...
Halli loves it.  Heather will even let Halli play with her 'Favorite pink ones'

And a side note I just got new headbands in... they are interchangeable horseshoe headbands.
(If you want the flower/bow permanently affixed to HB I can do that too!)

Colors I have  (just let me know what you are looking for)
Thanks all!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

My girls are Nasty!!!!

But I will keep um.... 
look at this smile who couldn't love it...
What all over her you ask?

Well its fry sauce... yep she still has to be undressed to eat
Question is will she still be like this at sixteen- then maybe she wont go on dates???????


She's got the whole 'There's something about mary ' hair going on...
needless to say she got to take a bath...
which I am starting to think she gets messy so she can take bubble baths?

And worse of all is this (ok I am warning you its nasty nasty nasty) 
 ok you asked for it....
This happens about twice a week
Look familiar- Heather pooped the same way
What am I going to do with my girls?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Halli's 2 month pictures

So Even though Halli is now 3 month old I still wanted to post her 2 month pictures

Halli went to church for the first time

One of my fav outfits our friends the Wyatt's sent her.
Playing with her sister
Pointing- weird huh...
she even sticks her tongue out at us... why is she mocking me?
She loves her Bumbo ($4 at a yard sale- yeah I rock)
Cuddling with her sister- a morning ritual (notice Heather even holds Halli's ear)
She learned to Hold things!
She will fall asleep every where.
Happy girl in a cute outfit from Sherrie
Halli Has been smiling and talking so much. She loves to watch her sister. Loves playing with her Daddy and is a very good baby.
3mo coming soon- since I am behind:) Maybe thats why she mocking me!!!