Sunday, February 28, 2010

Utah part 1

We made a quick trip to Ut for my nieces baptism and my Halli's Blessing. 
We made a quick stop at our friends house the Drapers, we miss them so much.
The kids watching old cartoons on the lap top - since thats the only place you can watch them now!

Our Niece Makayla was baptized I got to do her hair.
My dad with Halli- My mom for once didnt want her because she had just thrown up all over her.

The cousins all wanted to hold Halli too... I was scared she was gonna topple one over she was almost the same size of some of them.

We headed to the Coulson side for a family party and pictures... the kids there wanted Halli too...

waiting to get pictures taken ( I will post them when I get them)

Hanging out with Grandpa Coulson

It was Uncle Johns B-day so we had cake- the kids couldn't wait to eat it- note the icing missing

But they had to eat Dinner first

Last time with Uncle Jake- he was off the MTC the next week

Heather had so much fun with her cousins she didnt want to leave.
Ok Part two to come soon- I have to get some pictures from my mom first!


Monica said...

Fun! Gracie just loves to see pictures of Heather! She is asking if she can play with Heather now! I think they would be great friends if we lived closer!!! :)

Sharee and Court said...

How fun! Halli is such a chunker! SOOO cute!