Monday, February 1, 2010

Prof Pictures and Catching up...

Once again this is going to be a long post.
Well first off i forgot to post our family pictures my good friend Elsha took of us.....

This one is my fav

And if any of you remember when Herather was a lil baby, I took some pictures of her in her birthday suit and a christmas ribbon,
Heather 3mo

S0 I had to take some of Halli as well,
Halli 2 mo

Do you think they still look a lot alike?
What about these look alike pictures:

While in Utah I got to see a few of my friends
Shantel (Fav) and Halli
Lisa , Lilly and Halli
Heather and Lilly
My cute in lil chunk...
Her first time in Jeans!


Ashley Rae said...

Those are some great pictures!! You have such a beautiful family. Your girls are adorable!

Bill and Maggie said...

So beautiful - what great pics! Your girls are adorable. They look a lot alike. It seems like there is a little bit of a difference in Halli's face...sometimes...? Anyhoo - beautiful!

Brian and Carly said...

Way cute. They look like twins to me Cam! Do you think they look alike? My girls look really different to me- but a lot of people don't think so. Funny.