Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Halli's 2 month pictures

So Even though Halli is now 3 month old I still wanted to post her 2 month pictures

Halli went to church for the first time

One of my fav outfits our friends the Wyatt's sent her.
Playing with her sister
Pointing- weird huh...
she even sticks her tongue out at us... why is she mocking me?
She loves her Bumbo ($4 at a yard sale- yeah I rock)
Cuddling with her sister- a morning ritual (notice Heather even holds Halli's ear)
She learned to Hold things!
She will fall asleep every where.
Happy girl in a cute outfit from Sherrie
Halli Has been smiling and talking so much. She loves to watch her sister. Loves playing with her Daddy and is a very good baby.
3mo coming soon- since I am behind:) Maybe thats why she mocking me!!!


Cassidy said...

She is a cutie!!

Bill and Maggie said...

She is darling!

Trevor and Lauren said...

She is SOOOO cute!!!

Sharee and Court said...

She is so cute! How fun! When you come and visit, we will have to get together to play! Cuz Maddie is just over four months! They would LOVE it!

Manning's said...

She is SO adorable. I did get the bow and I LOVE it. I'll take a pix of Kalea in it to send to ya.

nest said...

Hey Halli is so cute, it was fun to see you guys. Have a great week.