Friday, March 20, 2009


Yesterday I took Heather to our Zoo with some of my friends and their kids.  It was her first time and she was so excited to see the elephants -thats one of her new favorite animals. Well could you believe this Zoo had no elephants!!!!! Zainy huh! Well it turned out to be a perfect day anyhow she nows loves Lions! (Ps there is a lot of pictures-sorry I got carried away)
Our first stop was the tigers 
The kids

Group of us

Heather and I
The Lion came and sat right in front of Heather and she loved it-he got even closer than this-Maybe its because Heather was growing back at me!
Best thing they had to a Elephant- a Fake one- Im not sure if heather cared! she still made the sound for it!
We got to see them feed the Penguins -Heather thought they were fish
FREEDOM- Heather happy to be out of her seat and being careful on the uneven ground
She was all to happy to climb the ladder/stairs to the slide- the 4 years old were scared to go up!

I love this face
Im the only sucker for a mom who bought her kid a stuff animal at an outrageous price- hey she appreciated it at least and wont let go of it either.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol, Utah And LOTS more

Ok First off ~Can I just say how Excited I am for Idol! I loved Last night ~ I was nervous when they used the Great Michael Jackson But Some of the contestants (ADAM) did Great! I really Like the Top 13- there is a few guys I wish could have made it like Danny's Friend, the osborne kid and Ju-nop or however you spelled his name- I also like the two blonde girls from the last group. And Of corse I think they were stupid to of not had my friends Ashley- What were they thinking? But all in all I am Happy- I am just nervous for Anoop!
Ok now to the sad news- reason I have been so behind is for the past ten days my Baby girl has been so sick throwing up, diarrhea and now a couch/cold to go with it- not to mention she's been a huge grumpalumagus! My lil girl who was already to skinny-from what the Doctor says- she was in the 7% in weight and has lost two pounds since then:(
One night we all slept out in front cuz it was so bad
Despite it all we still have had fun
Heather found the toilet paper(cuz she can now open the door to the bathroom)

Playing on the computer- she got here her self

And we took a short trip down to Utah (if your in Ut and are thinking why didn't she call me- because one we were there for a short time- and two I didn't want to get your kids sick)
In Utah we went to Ikea to buy the kids utensils- (if you need some they are a great deal and really cute) we ended up buying more of corse- I love that place and so did Heather- she was actually happy there- wish we had one!!!!

We went to Utah to see my cousin Holly get married~ she looked so pretty
Heather just wanted her Grandpa
Man Im white!
We also got to tour the Draper Temple
Sunday morning Heather helped Grandpa with breakfast
Later after church Heather and Daddy took a nap they looked so cute- to bad about 10 minutes after this picture she spewed all over Dad.

We had fun in Utah but were glad to come home- we have a ton of work to do!