Friday, March 20, 2009


Yesterday I took Heather to our Zoo with some of my friends and their kids.  It was her first time and she was so excited to see the elephants -thats one of her new favorite animals. Well could you believe this Zoo had no elephants!!!!! Zainy huh! Well it turned out to be a perfect day anyhow she nows loves Lions! (Ps there is a lot of pictures-sorry I got carried away)
Our first stop was the tigers 
The kids

Group of us

Heather and I
The Lion came and sat right in front of Heather and she loved it-he got even closer than this-Maybe its because Heather was growing back at me!
Best thing they had to a Elephant- a Fake one- Im not sure if heather cared! she still made the sound for it!
We got to see them feed the Penguins -Heather thought they were fish
FREEDOM- Heather happy to be out of her seat and being careful on the uneven ground
She was all to happy to climb the ladder/stairs to the slide- the 4 years old were scared to go up!

I love this face
Im the only sucker for a mom who bought her kid a stuff animal at an outrageous price- hey she appreciated it at least and wont let go of it either.


Ashley Rae said...

They didn't have elephants? That is crazy. And good for you for splurging on cute little Heather. She deserves a lion. Glad it was a sunny day for you to go!

Emily said...

she is so dang cute! Looks like it was a fun zoo! I love taking the kids to the zoo...if only Reno had one!

Aston said...

Love the zoo pictures ... and yes you are a sucker. Wish we were there with you. Someday?

Chad and Becca said...

Oh we love the Zoo! You should have called us, we would have loved to come! Looks like you had a blast!

Jordon and Terra said...

How fun! I just went to the Bronx Zoo here with some friends and they didn't have any elephants either! Zoo's are so fun though, I'll bet Heather had a blast!

The Woolner Family said...

The Boise Zoo is the perfect size for an afternoon outing. I'm almost don't mind the whole no elephant thing.

Ashley Hall said...

How fun! Next time you come to Utah we should plan a big play date and take all the kids to the zoo. That would be a blast. She's growing up so fast. She's such a cutie!

Scarlett said...

What zoo doesn't have any elephants? Crazy! Kassi loves the zoo, too! Heather is getting so big. She is a doll!

Brian and Carly said...

How fun! I love the zoo. A similar thing happened to us last summer. We went and they didn't have tigers, lions or griz bears! What!? Still fun though.

Ashley said...

You are so fun and cute! I miss you. I think its been way to long since we have seen each other! Your little girl looks just like you! Soo cute! love ya.