Thursday, March 4, 2010


Everyday I am just blown away at the things my sweet lil angel dose and says. In Fact makes me realize a lot about me and what I saw to her, because she repeats it to her babies and barbies.
Jason also realized how much he was watching the olympics when he asked heather if she saw the snow on the mountains and she replied "Yes, we should go snowboarding"
Heather has been pretty obsessed with Barbies and princess lately her favorite is to Dress in her 'I know you princess dress' and dance around while watching her Barbie movies. 

Halli loves it too- at least loves watching her sister.
Some stories:
When we were at my parents ward a guy got and sang a beautiful song and Heather sat there just listening. and when he was done and everyone was soaking in the spirt my lil angel yell- yes yells "yeah" and claps her hand.  Yes that got a lot of laughs and comments after sacrament!

We were at the store the other day and had gone thru the store for a while and I realized heather was quite sitting in the front of the cart, I look to find her eating an apple. 
Me: Heather where did you get that?
H: Oh I dont know!
I need to pay more attention.

I walked into the room the other day to find Heather putting her Barbie in time out and saying she wasn't being nice to her friends
Or telling her pony she needs to be good to make jesus happy

She is my lil monkey we went to the mall with friends to play in the play area and she went straight to this bear and hung like this for like 10 sec. Silly girl.

They played so hard we found them laying on the benches... silly kids!

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