Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thats not chocolate.....

Warning this is super nasty and not for the weak stomach folk!!!!!

So here is what happened at my house.... less than an hour ago Halli had a blow out (2nd of the day) but this wasn't one you could wipe up I am talking full neck to heals and up the stomach blowout- needless to say we had to give her a bath. 
And if that wasn't enough..... listen to this.  
While i was nursing Halli, Heather FINALLY decides she wants to go poop on her pink potty.  I tell her I am almost done then I will help her.  Well I herd nothing comming from that end of the house so as soon as I could I went into the bathroom to find that Heather had taken her pants and diaper off and was sitting on her potty... I know that sounds like a miracle... well not when you notice the golfball size tird in her diaper on the ground and you see heather playing with her shirt that has brown on it.  
Heather-"Mom I have chocolate on my shirt"
Me-"Um no thats not chocolate" 
I start laughing, I couldn't help my self....
Heather-"Mom you proud of me?"
Me- Uncomfortable laughing!!!! (what else can I do?)
I have her stand up sure enough to find the 'not chocolate' all over her backside and all over potty (it still is- I'll let Jason deal with that)~ Yep you guess another bath! 
So much fun!!!!!


The McGary's said...

You have the best poop stories:)!

Erin and Daryl said...

Ha ha, thats awesome! At least your daughter is attempting it right? I wish I new how to get Zen there. I just heard that boys are really hard to teach. Anyways, thats hilarious!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, too funny.