Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Years Goals in March?

Yeah yeah... I know I am a lil slow. Usually resolutions are done in January.  I guess I just needed a lil over two months to decide if I was gonna do it or not!
We all do it right! What you ask?.... Well we make this long list in January of how we are gonna loose weight, make healthier dinners, make dinner plans, have a clean house, be more spiritual, have a organized and sparkly clean house blah blah blah... right- don't tell me you haven't done this!
Maybe this is why I wasn't sure I was going to do it... given the fact that I just had a baby and thats enough of a change as it is. And not to mention I am a single parent most days (Jason's in grad school!).
Ok Here we go I am officially posting this on my blog to make my self have to do it! That way you guys can hold me to it and heck maybe help me out or inspire me.
Well you might have noticed my fun sites has grown gi-nor-mously over the past weeks.... Well it has something to do with my research for my goals!
Ok ready set... Goals!!!!!

Goal#1 Spend some quality FUN time with my girls!  Weather its just watching a princess movie with Heather and dancing with her (Which is just as fun for me I will admit), to making peanut butter play dough and making crazy creations. (* I found a recipe I am excited to try!) Halli is easy she just loves to sit in her bumbo and play with us or lay on the floor with me and talk!

Goal#2 Be a supportive wife! Yeah that seams easy but when your husband is always gone and when he is home he's eating or sleeping.  which at first was very hard for all of us (Heather asks about 5 times a day "Daddy come home soon mom?")  So my goal is to do all i can for him anything from taking Halli out at night when she is loud to not making a tuff when he comes home way late.  (Oh yeah and remind him a million ca-zillion times a weekend to stop fiddling with that and do your homework`Even though I want him to fiddle)

Goal#3 Be even more thrifty- Ok this one is actually fun! I love being frugal (remember my yard sale finds this summer ie a toddler bed for $1) Then thing I need help on is the whole coupon craze going on! I found some site but all in all I am very confused, not only that but I don't have a CVS or target near by nor do I have a car at the moment. So any help would be much-ly appreciated!

Goal#4 Reading my scripture everyday- yes that might be easy for some of you but it hard for me to concentrate while i have babbles and singing in the background. Plus my extra quite time I usually use to sleep.  I need to find a happy medium.

Goal#5 Have meal plan for dinners that are... yes you guessed it some what healthy (with the occasional fat loving yummy mixed in). I was doing great at this last year until the end of my pregnancy then it all went to hell! So any ideas of good recipes - let me know-Thanks!

Goal#6 Being crafty- yes I want to try all these spectacular tutorials I have been finding! Part of it is being frugal as well! I will go more in depth latter. For now I have already written a novel that none of you have even tried to finish.  Ps I am going to start selling some of my creations on my ETSY shop so keep your eyes open!

Ok girls (and some boys)- This is just the top layer of frosting to my deviously good intentions!

~Cami (your hopefully put together friend)


Monica said...

Go Cami!!! You can do it!

Kevin said...

Great goals, also inspiring!! Another great site is Secrets of a Super Mommy that Angela (i can't remember if you know her from the ward or not)is doing. Great Mommy ideas!!

Kevin said...

sorry forgot the address.

The Davis Family said...

Those are some great goals! Good luck! I have links to some good couponing blogs on my right sidebar - you should check them out. The Thrify Mom and Fabulessly Frugal blogs are based out of Boise, so some of the stores would be similar. I've found that you can get some the best deals at Walgreens, Albertsons, and Winco (which I think you have all those stores close by) - you don't have to have a Target and CVS to get good deals! Good luck!

The McGary's said...

All your goals inspired me to want to do better. I always have great intentions and then I wake up in the morning and that's as far as I got...just a thought!! Good luck!

nest said...

1st of all good for you Cammi and second of all remember your human and a mother of two so when a day goes by and you don't get everyone of those goals done you won't in turn be really hard on yourself. I am just say because for me I tend to get hard on myself and since we are in the same boat with two little ones I feel we might experience the same frustrations. You are amazing did I ever tell you that.

Cassidy said...
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Cassidy said...

Good Luck girl!!! I like those goals.

Lisa said...

You are awesome! Way to go! I know you can do it!