Friday, September 25, 2009

Still living!!!!

BARLEY.........Where do I start? Well We are all moved in for the mostpart- only a few pictures to hang upsatirs. I will soon take pictures and post them- but for now, heres a picture of Heather Helping her daddy set up a table- she was such a big helper!

Jason started PT school and is stresed but enjoying it! We knew it would be a lot of work! But he loves his teachers and gets along great with the other students! We have met a family in our ward and the husband goes to school with Jason so his wife and I hang out almost everyday. They have a lil boy Heathers age and they just love each other!

Speaking of Heather she has grown so much just since we have moved here! She has become quit the lil talker puting 4-5 word sentences together. She can count to 10 and say parts of the ABC's. Heather loves to watch so you think youcan dance with us and try to copy there moves. She even tuaght herself how to do a summersault. Any time music plays she starts dancing or singing. Herfavorite songs are boom boom pow, loves a battle field and country song it probably me~ she will sing them all day!

We started potty trainig- sorta- she's used the potty a few times but loves to put her babies on it to go potty! then flushes the big toliet and claps and says "good job baby". Heather loves her new lil sister, even if shesnot here yet! She wants to constantly kiss and hug it! she shares food by trying to stickit in my belly button, she shares stickers by lifting my shirtand putting it on my belly, and even sings to herand plays doctor with her!

Speacking of Halli- Yes I think thats the official spelling of her name! I have had quit a lot going on with this pregnancy! If you didnt know I was really tired and weak all the time and still trowing up- plus all the regular woe's like nerve pain,back pain, lil swollen (not like last time) heartburn- you name it! Thencome to find out half my prolem and why I feel like I might pass out half the time is because I could- my Doc said I am Highly anemicand could pass out at any time! Then on top of that we find out I have gestaional Diabetes! and if you knowme andmy surgar tooth- this is really bad news! not to mention my fear of needles! and Now I am pokingmy self 4 times a day! dont worry i still wantto cry or pass out! I hate blood! Well I no longer am eating donuts or big bowls of icecream but so far I am surving! (I am 33 weeks today so hopefuly only 6 weeks left)
me at 30 weeks

The scariest parts are how this could possile effect Halli! If she gets to much Surgar she could be a 10-15 poundbaby- ok wait thats effects me too huh! Birth will be a blast:( But worst of al they say there a small chance of having a still born- hence why I am now goign to the doctor twice a weeks for stress tests and ultra sounds and that sort of stuff! so I pretty much live there!

Well I was going add Heathers party in Ut but this computer isnt letting me download pictures very well so ill do Heather's b-day in the next post! Whenever that will be:)


Kara and Kevin said...

Ahh Cami it is good to finally hear an update, although it sounds like things have been rough. I am so sorry, I hope that you feel better and that Halli is doing well. You are in our prayers, and I am glad that you like your new town!

Sharee and Court said...

Whoa! I hope that all goes well with the rest of the pregnancy. The last few weeks of mine went by really fast!!

Brady LOVES his big boy bed. We put him in it about August. It's important to put them in it a little while before the baby is born so that they don't think the baby is taking all their stuff... :) At least that is what I read. He was an easy transition though. He wouldn't nap in the crib at my mom's anymore. Only in the big bed. So, all we had to do was get a bed and a rail and he was more than happy to sleep in it. If you want tips about it, then go online to and search it. There is good advice there.

Anyway, Keep updating! I love reading about how you are doing!

Brian and Carly said...

Wow Cam...To much going on! I feel for ya. Do your best to turn on a movie with Heather and kick your feet up. Everything will turn out great! Just a few more weeks to go!!!

Bill and Maggie said...

Wow Cami you've been through so much! Hang in there! I hope Heather and Halli (was that right?) are doing well. Can't believe your number 2 is almost here!

The McGary's said...

Wow you have had a lot going on. I hope things work out okay with the pregnancy and the final few weeks go by quick for you. GOod luck with the potty training, Hunter isn't the least bit interested so we won't even attempt that until this baby is born and things are somewhat normal again.

The Boyce's said...

It's so good to have an update on the Coulsons! :) You look great! And you're getting so close! How exciting! I hope everything goes well...such scary things you have going on. We'll keep you & Halli in our prayers! Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're moved in & enjoying yourselves! Love ya!

The Woolner Family said...

Good luck with everything--baby, school, potty training. being a mom is tough work. Noelle is potty training--she's doing awesome.

Scarlett said...

Wow! You poor girl! Good luck with everything. Take care of yourself!