Saturday, December 13, 2008


*So one day I was looking at magazines in Heather's room while she played. Then started pulling out her diapers of the diaper basket- so said "No No bring it to mommy"!  When she did I said good job Heather and she clapped for herself. Thinking thats what I wanted she preceded to bring me all her diapers one by one!  I just put them next to me and thought I guess thats what I told her to do! And it kept her happy and bust for 30 minutes why not! 

So if you didn't know  Heather's Hair grows mostly in the middle! I was playing with it and took a picture! 

One day I needed to get dinner done and Heather wouldn't let me so I set her on our foot stool and turned baby Einstein on and gave her some treats- not knowing if it would work. It did she sat there for 20 just watching!
I love this face- she makes the lil oooha sound with it!

Heather got her two top teeth. Sorry pic is blurry.

Ok so for thanks giving we were spoiled! and very well taken care of!  Jason's cousins Travis and Rozzie and Michelle and shawn came over the night before thanksgiving and we had our own!  I was a lil nervous because I was making the turkey- my first time !
And with a little help from martha Stewart and my husband it turned out amazing!
Our table- I know its nothing pretty- but I proud of our first Thanksgiving on our own.
Our turkey
Heather and Lane wrestling

On Thanksgiving Day Our friends invited us to go to their parents for dinner. It was fun to be with a big family even if it wasn't ours.
Jason even got some sports in- so he was happy

I took this at Kara's mom's house-cute huh!


Stephanie said...

Good job on your first Thanksgiving turkey! It looks yummy!

Scarlett said...

I admire you! I had to do a sweet potatoe casserole for Thanksgiving and was freakin out! Your dinner looked amazing!

Cassidy said...

I'm glad you had fun! You're table looks great!! Yum! Cute too. I wish I were more like you on putting headbands on Meg's head. Heather is always so cute!

Ashley Rae said...

Wow. Amazing with the thanksgiving! And she is SOOO cute.