Thursday, January 8, 2009

December where did you go??

So I was almost caught up then life happened AGAIN!  December seemed to go by way to fast- Now its 2009! Its a lil se-real to me! I will quickly update you on our December! Again it will have to be in two parts- mostly because my lil soon to be sister in law thru my camera and it broke over the holidays( she's heather's age).
Heather has become quit the lil sneak! We put our Christmas up right after thanksgiving and Heather had a fun time helping out- 

We even let her put HER ornament on the tree. She was so proud of her self she even clapped. 

Well since it was her ornament she felt she could take it off the tree when ever she wanted.... I would say "no no no" and shake my finger at the tree- then she thought it was a game and would copy me saying no no no and shaking her finger- and it worked ....... for about 2 and half weeks. Then she would grab the ornament and run into her room!  Or Shake her finger into the tree while saying "NO NO NO".
I also had a few of my toys from when I was little like me Dinka Linka  Santa and my lil manger scene. Problem be things seemed to start to go missing this month. For about a week we couldn't find baby jesus and we found him in the bottom of her toy basket. That wasn't so bad but it got worse- We found dice in my purse, movies in the garbage can along with Joseph and the angel. (we put the garbage under the sink now) And My credit card was missing for like 3 weeks and we found it in her dirty hamper and lots more! This lil girl has a thing with hiding things in side other things!
 Some times she just sits in front of it and looks up almost in a daze- its cute! My favorite was when I turned music on and she was still in her daze looking up at the tree but almost like second nature she started dancing to the music!
Yes I know My child is always cloth-less! 

Jason sent in his papers to ISU so keep us in your prayers that he'll get in. Jason was working for UPS for the Month- which was great while it lasted!
Jason saying good bye to go to work.
Heather has definitely been learning a lot! She is into that monkey see monkey do Phase hense this picture of her trying to work the tv with he remote- once it worked too- she somehow got her baby Einstein to start- don't ask me how she did it!
Well December was a hard time for our family when it came to being sick! We'd catch something have it for a week be better for one or if we were lucky two days then come down with something else! I was even sick for my birthday- so theres no pictures -no dinner! But Id like to personally thank all my good friends and family for all the calls and concern! We have only lived in Boise 6 months and We already have some really good friends! Thanks guys! 
I will post the second half the month once I get things figured out with my camera!


Sharee and Court said...

Hey Cami! Your little girl is so funny! Brady likes to take things and throw them in random places too. He is now starting to run away when we come to get something that he shouldn't have. It's pretty funny.

Patti Smith said...

It's fun to keep up with your family and what Heather's into. If you had done your laundry sooner, would you have found that credit card sooner than 3 weeks? Hope your 2009 is going well.

Scarlett said...

So cute! I am totally behind, too! I am sorry you were sick for your b-day! That sucks! Well, I hope you had a good one anyway!

Kaija said...

Oh man! Sorry you were sick. Well looks like you had a good holiday though! I love that your daughter hides things! Nothing like baby Jesus gone missing! Funny! Well hope all is well!