Friday, January 30, 2009

Please save handmade!

Please save hand made!!!!!
 If you do not know what I am talking about, please get informed on this new act that is taking effect Feb 10,2009 This will effect us all and put many of your favorite crafters  and second hand children's stores out of business. I urge you to take a moment to find out what you can do and how it will effect you. A good place to start :
Please Help- I have just started my shop online only to find out a few days latter it will have to close soon! This makes me sad! My family needs this income- so Please help!!!! Plus if you love your second hand children's store like kid to kid or other mothers ect... Help them as well..... They could shut down as well!
Thanks you so much!


Scarlett said...

That's crazy! Good luck! Your bows are adorable!

Aston said...

Are you sure about this? I did a lot of research and it really looks like a good thing. Besides according to the gov pages it does not affect second hand stores. I will keep on looking in to it but do you have any insight that I might be missing?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't affect second hand stores but DOES affect handmades as the regulation is about newly created items. There are some ways around it, like you could "trade" with other people or give "gifts" and be "gifted" back some dolla dolla bills in return, but as far as sales of home manufactured items, it's not kind. A simple loophole has been suggested and can be written into the legislation. We just have to encourage those in charge to do it!